The Week That Was: April 15-19

MDA Goes to Washington


Without a doubt, the highlight of the week was the Missouri delegation traveling to the nation’s capital for the ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day. It’s a furious 48 hours or so of instruction and coordinated visits with elected officials. The conference’s official hashtag was #ToothParty and you can read some ADA provided content here. Meanwhile, erstwhile travel reporter and MDA Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers, provided this Missouri focused report: Members had some fun, but also spent time learning about the issues before storming Capitol Hill for congressional visits from more than 1,100 dental advocates in sum. MDA members and students advocated for three priority items including McCarran-Ferguson Repeal of Health Insurance, Student Loan Programs and the Higher Education Act and Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act (ELSA). You can read about each of these here. Thanks to all our member dentists and students who made the effort to attend.


  • Dr. Robert Butler, Dr. Megan Lenahan, Dr. Ted Rechtin,  (SL)
  • Dr. Merle Nunemaker, Dr. Robert Tait (KC)
  • Dr. Erick Jansson, Dr. Elwood Rice (C)
  • Dr. Lynne Barbour (NE)
  • Dr. Thomas Stone (SP)
  • Dr. Jonathan Edwards (SE)
  • Dr. Emily Mattingly (NW)


  • Mark Betancourt
  • Dylan Weber
  • Dylan Love
  • Caitlin Rosemann
  • Amber Arshad
  • Trent Finley

The Week Ahead

We won’t be bored next week but we will be board in a way. The week hums along before culminating with a big Friday when several MDA Trustees will sit in on the Missouri Dental Board meeting and then hustle over to the MDA office for their own quarterly board meeting. Next Saturday the Greater St Louis Dental Society will host their annual Shred Day. This is a very practical offering to help members safely and easily clear out old files that need to be disposed of properly.

Good Friday

The signs of spring are everywhere, and one bright spot is Easter Weekend. The MDA office will be closed tomorrow in observance of Good Friday. We wish you all a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

Quote of the Week (You know I love me some Shakespeare)

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” – William “The Bard” Shakespeare

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