The Week That Was: April 1-5

Early Post but Not Early Exit

Your author is taking off for Georgia early Friday, so we are going with the news so far this week—but the work week is far from over and spills into the weekend with MDA activity. Mandy Lewis will be in Chesterfield and Fenton for EFDA courses. Stacey and Jerri finish a wild travel week by going to St. Louis Friday to support ATSU students with lunch during board exams and then traversing the state to do the same thing for UMKC students. Membership benefits and activities never happen in a vacuum. We bring them straight to you!

Covering the State like Dew

April features lots of travel and this week was launch week. Stacey, Jerri and I went to Kirksville for Food for Thought on Tuesday in separate cars. Why? Because they left directly for the ATSU in St. Louis to work the vendor fair and interact with students, and I left directly for St. Joe to attend the MOMOM planning meeting. And for a shorter but just as important trip, Shantel travels to the Capitol every day to stay abreast of all the constant changes to legislation that affects you. We’ve barely seen her in the office this week due to all the legislative activity she’s keeping an eye on.


Taco Tuesday Food for Thought

On Tuesday we were in Kirksville for our final spring Food for Thought at ATSU. A good student turnout enjoyed tacos and the presentation from Columbia-based husband and wife duo, Dr. Philip Batson and Dr. Elizabeth Abe. They shared their work experience, their views on CE and how they attacked their student debt. Both are heavily involved members, and their endorsement of MDA and organized dentistry was easy to see. We also took time to honor Caitlin Rosemann who won a national health literacy contest award from the ADA. Read the full story here. After fielding questions and passing out the raffle cash, we all took off for other destinations. I always enjoy being in Kirksville and can’t wait to return in the fall.

Hanging with the Elite

On my way to Kirksville, I stopped in Macon to interrupt a very busy Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick. As you recall from last week, she was selected as an ADA 10 Under 10 winner. Evidently fame and recognition doesn’t slow the patient pace. But my stop was more than congratulatory, as we had business to conduct in her role as NEDS president. We discussed nominees for the New Dentist Committee. We mulled over some options for a New Dentist social next fall. We threw out dates for the D1 Welcome Reception in September. And, we covered promo items for their business meeting tomorrow in Moberly. And in between all this vocational work and volunteer work, she moved her family into a new home this past weekend. Thanks, Dr. Fitzpatrick for all you do.


MOMOM Sprints Ahead Like the Pony Express

As you should know, MOMOM 8 volunteer registration is now open, and we’ve had 119 registrations in the first two days. This is your signal not to tarry and join us. We need all available dentists to make this a success. At our monthly local meeting, I was impressed to see the number of community leaders involved. United Way, Rotary, CVB, the hospital and health department—all came to the table and are embracing the challenge. We have work to do, and time will roll on, but all signs point to a great clinic under the leadership of Dr. Tim Curry and Dr. Tim Taylor.


MERIT has Merit

Last Saturday was the annual MERIT (Missouri Emergency Response Identification Team) meeting at the MDA headquarters and while I was not able to attend, I heard good reports from those in attendance. Corinne D’Anjou, DMD, DABFO was the keynote speaker and MDA’s own Dr. Megan Lenahan also shared some case work. Keep your eyes open for this event next year as it always has some of the most interesting CE topics offered.

The Week Ahead

No slowdown in sight! We kick it off with a staff meeting to keep everyone on the same page. Team Travel then heads to Kansas City for two full days of student outreach including a Food for Thought, Table Talk (featuring local MDA members sharing their wisdom) and then national signing day where we convert D4s from student members to full time members. Prizes and food and jovial moods will flow the whole time! I also see where Melissa will join the ADA’s cybersecurity webinar on Wednesday.

Quote of the Week – Part 1

“Happy Birthday!” to Denise Lehmen, MDA Finance Manager. Her first day with MDA was the first ever day of MOMOM back in 2011 in Springfield (and these pictures from then prove she went to work quickly). She’s been a great addition to the team and somehow manages all the dollars with a dollop of kindness.

Quote of the Week – Part 2

“War Eagle!” – author’s privilege when your school goes to its first ever Final Four after beating the 3 winningest teams in college basketball history (KU, UNC, KY).


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