The Week That Was: March 18-22

Unseen but Emerging

Just like we don’t yet see flowers in bloom and green grass everywhere, we know good things are coming with warmer weather. It’s been that kind of week here. Not too many high-profile meetings or travel to report, and the Legislators were on spring break. But behind the scenes and on conference calls, work is getting done and we will report it all when it comes into full bloom.

Dr. Nunemaker is the Lucky Early Bird

On Wednesday of this week, we did a Facebook Live drawing for our Early Bird winner in the Connect4Cash Raffle. A worldwide audience of 9 watched breathlessly as I drew the winning number from among the first 25 ticket holders. And the winner was Dr. Merle Nunemaker of Kansas City. Congratulations to Dr. Nunemaker! He proves the principle that the more you play, the more you win. So don’t you want to win too? The awesome C4$ Raffle benefits the MDA Foundation. Tickets are $100 each and we only sell 100. As of now, 42 of the 100 are spoken for. Don’t delay get your ticket today. All the details and purchase point can be found right here.

See the Need, Meet the Need

I saw this moving story from down in Mountain View, Mo. and it reinforced the issue so many of our citizens have with accessing dental care. Kudos to Dr. Kane and others for volunteering time to help and bravo for the work of the Good Samaritan Care Clinic. It’s living up to its name. One way the MDA seeks to fight against this access issue is through the charitable gift of MOMOM. This annual clinic has journeyed throughout our state providing needed treatment and much more to fellow Missourians over the last 8 years. This year we set up shop in St. Joe, MO on August 16, 2019. Volunteering for a shift is a tangible and rewarding way to give back. It requires a little sacrifice but the satisfaction is worth it. Online registration opens April 1. We need dentists. Please volunteer.

How Did You Celebrate?

Celebrate what, you say? World Oral Health Day. I didn’t know there was such a thing but I’m glad there is. All across this big old globe people have teeth and those teeth require the same care as they do here in Missouri. It’s cool that we all have that in common. To learn more and to look back on activities, check out this ADA article. 

Live from Midwest Dental Conference

Many of our loyal readers and members are attending this UMKC alumni conference this weekend. There are always tons of special events and reunions in addition to CE offerings. Plus don’t forget the big exhibit hall. If it’s in Missouri and it has to do with dentistry, the MDA is likely to be there. And so, Stacey Kloeppel is posting up with our friends Jerri and Lindsey at the MDIS booth to meet folks, answer questions and plug our upcoming events. Stacey reports a good crowd is in the house and sends this photo live from the trenches. I hope everyone there has a great time and a wonderful weekend.


The Week Ahead

Shantel dives back into advocacy work as the legislators return from spring break. I meet with Dr. Dane, State Dental Director, to discuss access issues. Central Dental Society has a business meeting on Friday and the annual MERIT meeting is next Saturday. Stay tuned for updates and photos.

Quote of the Week


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