The Week That Was: February 4-8


This month all over the country various dental offices will be participating in some manner of a Give Kids A Smile clinic. You can read all about in your Morning Huddle from the ADA. While this mighty river flows throughout America, I decided it was best to go straight to the headwaters where it all began. For the first time in a few years my schedule enabled me to briefly participate in the OG of GKAS clinics. It was great to see so many members volunteering for this great cause. I don’t have final numbers yet but the turnout was great and everywhere I looked kids were smiling. It was also on my target list to meet Erica Steen, the relatively new Executive Director for GKAS. I was impressed with her dedication and I assured her that the rich history and the wonderful GSLDS members would always rise to the occasion.


Focusing on MOMOM

I braved the icy weather to be in St Joe on Tuesday for the first monthly meeting of the local MOMOM steering committee after our big community launch next week. Keeping the vision out front is paramount to success but now it’s also time to start narrowing the focus on the myriad of details and making key appointments to make sure everything is under wraps. I’m getting to know the team and I like where we are headed. All this behind the scenes work will continue for months. Your role right now is to clear the work calendar so you can join us on Friday, August 16. Our first one day clinic is sure to be memorable and we need you!


The Details

Staff meetings can be like a trip to the sausage factory. You uncover all the gory details when really you just wanted to see and taste the final product. We are proud of all our programs and offerings and service here at the MDA but it’s often a long road with many opinions and frequent revisions. In sports vernacular you might say, “stay committed to the process”. I like seeing the various skills collaborate on the way to success.

Building Bridges

On Wednesday evening, Vicki traveled to St. Robert to meet with Angela Fuller, the new president of the Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association. Vicki noted Angela’s genuine interest to lead the organization and have an open relationship with the MDA. Angela also was interested to learn about our Dental Well Being Foundation and finding a hygienist member to serve due to that position’s recent vacancy. We look forward to continued dialogue with MDHA under her leadership.

Onesy Twosy

Every MDA member should consider a sojourn to Jefferson City at least once in their life. Besides the Capitol and Central Dairy, you’ll want to check out YOUR MDA headquarters. Not only is it a lovely building filled with busy staff, it’s paid for thanks to smart financial stewardship. And speaking of good money habits, this is a prime time to salute Denise Lehmen, MDA Finance Manager. She’s a Jill of All Trades who manages all the physical aspects of the building from security to cleaning to snow removal and all manner of repairs. She also shines by keeping all the banking and investments for all the various MDA entities in line. This week she’s been hosting the auditors for their annual visit and as usual, everything is accounted for. It’s no small job and she does it with aplomb. So here’s a shout out to Denise and an invitation to you to come see us.

Week Ahead

Bon voyage to Vicki and those members who are sailing away toward education in the sunny Caribbean for MDA’s Travel and Learn. The paler set will remain behind and keep the bigger ship running.

Quote of the Week

Accountants never retire, they simply recalculate.

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