The Week That Was: January 28-February 1

New Names and Leaders in St. Louis

We left with you a cliffhanger tease last week when we told you Vicki and husband Tooter were joining MDA President, Dr. Dan Kessler in St. Louis for their annual officer installation last Saturday. The swanky affair was held at The Vault and was well attended by the local members dressed to the nines. The agenda included swearing in the new officers: President, Dr. John G’Sell, VP, Dr. Mark Scantlon, 1st VP, Dr. Danielle Riordan, 2nd VP, Dr. Robin Hayes and Treasurer, Dr. Michael Hoffmann. Kudos to these folks for providing volunteer leadership to our largest component in the state. Additionally Dr. Kessler was able to thank outgoing president, Dr. Dean Telthorst for his service.

The banquet is also an awards ceremony, and this year past MDA President, Dr. Joe Sokolowski received the Gold Medal Award. The Award of Merit went to Dr. Jeffery Ronecker for his leadership and service to the community, and the Distinguished Service Award for service to the dental society went to Dr. Andrew  Hayes. Well deserving recipients and we congratulate them all!

Also new to the scene is Melissa Vaeth who is starting her role as Office Coordinator for the GSLDS. Melissa has a background in photography and used to run her own business. She will enhance an already talented team. Welcome, Melissa! And a final thank you to roving reporter Vicki who handled her duties and camera with aplomb—otherwise we could not celebrate our members and this event.

You + Money = Happiness and Good Deeds


Two things every dentist likes are winning cash and helping others. The two gloriously come together with a good measure of fun added in at the second annual Connect4Cash Raffle that launches today. Proceeds benefit the MDA Foundation programs like scholarships, grants and public supplies. That’s the helping others part. Here’s how you win cash and prizes. You buy one (or more) tickets at $100 each. We only sell 100 tickets. Then you try to be the last number drawn at the countdown raffle held during Connect4Success in June. Dr. Elwood Rice was the last person standing last year and won $1,500 cold cash on the spot. The risk/reward ratio is favorable because about every third eliminated player will win a donated sponsor prize worth $100+. And the super competitive among you can buy chances at getting back into the raffle after 50 and 80 tickets have been drawn. The suspense and fun is contagious, so join in. You can play even if you can’t attend C4S. Tickets are on sale now here. Be one of the first 25 to buy a ticket and you’ll be in a drawing to win your money back and still be in the game. Loosen your wallet and get to it!

MDIS Board in Action

Today, just down the hall in the boardroom, our friends at MDIS are holding a board meeting. Volunteer members provide leadership to this important MDA partner. The non-dues revenue that MDIS generates keeps your dues down and funds many excellent MDA programs. I’ll be sure to pass on any ground-breaking news that might arise.

The Week Ahead

The week kicks off with staff team meeting to review Legislative Day and report on a number of ongoing projects. I head to St. Joe on Tuesday for the February installment of the local MOMOM planning team. Denise welcomes in the auditors. Vicki heads south for more than one occasion as she meets with the new MDHA president, Angela Fuller, and then loads her bags and joins several MDA members for the 2019 Travel and Learn cruise.

Thoughts of the Week

Resistance will always fall to Persistence


May your enjoyment of the Super Bowl not be affected by the unspeakable horror of football season being over. GO RAMS!

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