The Week That Was: January 14-18

Under the Dome

When Governor Greitens resigned last May, it triggered a number of changes in state leadership. Add to this the elections last November and you need a fresh scorecard to know all the players. That’s just one reason why our MDA Legislative Day next week is so important. They don’t know us and we don’t them. It’s hard to have influence without interaction. I’m expecting a solid turnout and an effective day next week, but advocacy is more than one and done. We need your engagement and giving year round. Be sure to read your weekly Capitol Connection to stay in the know.

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Sworn In

Shantel captured this change in leadership in action when she attended the swearing in of new Missouri Treasurer, Representative Scott Fitzpatrick. You can see the entire state leadership team on one row. Can you name them all?

A Brush with Impact

Every year one of the simple but meaningful actions we take is to give an oral health kit to each legislator. These inexpensive kits include a brush, paste and floss, plus Shantel’s business card. It’s a great way to meet new reps and say hello to old friends. This week Vicki and Shantel spent a day making sure we individually delivered as many of these as possible so we could personally meet all the new players. People love these kits because they can keep a brush and paste at work to freshen up on long days. You may want to reference this gift when you visit with your legislator next week during our many activities. It helps to build a positive and memorable association with the profession. Senator Karla May from St. Louis was kind enough to pose for a photo after receiving her kits. Also, check out your Capitol building getting a $40M facelift over the next 18 months. It certainly provides for some interesting views. You can follow progress on the Missouri State Capitol Commission’s Facebook page.

The Week Ahead

All hands on deck for legislative activities! Watch here next week for photos and updates. Plus any news from our MDA Board of Trustees meeting. Exciting times ahead! If you have not registered for the MDA Legislative Day but still would like to attend, please contact Shantel.

Quote of the Week

Too small to have an impact? Try going to bed with a mosquito. — Unattributed

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