The Week That Was: December 31-January 4

Sunshine and Sparkles Send 2018 Off in Style

Hopefully you all had a very Merry Christmas however you celebrated it. Two MDA staff had especially memorable holidays in the sun. The most exciting news came on a beach south of Clearwater, FL on Saturday December 29. That’s where our beloved Stacey got engaged to Paul Hemmel. The couple met six years ago, and usually vacation with family and friends over the holidays, but Stacey claims she was totally surprised. She happily said “YES” and then proceeded to flash her new ring in the Florida sunshine. Today was her first day back in the office and her colleagues were pumping her for details and almost squealing with joy. I know the whole MDA family joins me in saying, congrats to Stacey and Paul. It looks like a small wedding this fall will be on tap.


Meanwhile the other already married and older Paul (me) was having a special Cancun Christmas with Leah, his two sons Travis and Taylor plus daughter-in-law, Ashleigh. It was the perfect way to be together in the warmth of Mexico without any worries of cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. It was just the relaxing break this blogger needed before heading into 2019. And evidently, they serve plenty of rum and coke by the pool. Silly reindeer games!

Happy New Year – Make 2019 MDAwesome!

While the office has been quiet of late, make no mistake that we are barreling into 2019 and taking names. We refocus with a staff meeting next week and serious plans are on tap for a MOMOM 8 launch event, our Legislative Reception & Day (RSVP online) and a Board of Trustees meeting. Let this be the year you discover and squeeze all the benefits out of your membership. You have nine talented staff waiting to help you with any issue. You have a seasoned and respected advocacy team at the Capitol. You have a fantastic MDIS insurance company that works just for you. You have endless opportunities to engage as a learner or leader. You have great local offerings in your component. You have robust, informative and helpful websites at MDA and ADA. And if you still want more, you have this cheeky social blog every week to see what’s been going on and to look for exclusive photos and tidbits you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s to you, our valued members … may you have a very successful year both professionally and personally.

Did You Know?

It is said that the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because it is the only finger with a vein connected to the heart.

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