The Year That Was: 2018


How did 2018 treat you? No doubt, there were ups and downs. It’s all part of being human. The same standard applies for the MDA, but in this little corner of the blogosphere, we like to focus on the ups. These are the bright spots to membership and dentistry. Why keep those a secret? And why keep this lighthearted, easy-reading blog a secret? You should subscribe so you don’t ever miss the latest news and fun photos. And if you are a loyal reader, you should tell a colleague to subscribe so they can follow along as well. Subscribing is soooo easy. Just click the box at the bottom and you’ll get a reminder every time we post something new (usually each Friday). Now sit back and take a walk with us through the past year. This is just the thumbnails. You can meander through all the 45+ posts to find candid photos, reports from the road, news on members, some cheesy humor and inspirational quotes. Happy New Year and join us for more adventure in 2019!

  1. January – Legislative Day, MOMOM Workshop, Kirksville, Phoenix, No Winter Session for the first time, GSLDS Installation
  2. February – St. Joe MOMOM site visit, Georgia, Kansas City, Kirksville, Give Kids a Smile, TN, Corn hole, Connect4Cash launch, Travel and Learn to Grenada
  3. March – ND and FFT events, Connect4Cash Early Bird drawing, Intruder Training, MERIT, GA, St. Louis, Kansas City, Kirksville, Columbia, MDAF Board
  4. April – Pouring of the Heart, National Signing Day, Midwest Dental Conference, Kansas City, Kirksville, Joplin, Springfield installation, MDA Board, ADA Lobby Day in DC
  5. May – CDS social, Capital Wrap Up, Graduation, Kirksville, St. Louis, St. Joe, GA
  6. June – Connect4Success, Connect4Cash, Lake of the Ozarks, GA, TN, Staff Retreat,
  7. July – Grandbabies, Chicago, Kirksville, Special Olympics,
  8. August – MOMOM, Cassi departs, D1 Welcome, ND Committee and MDA Board, more Corn hole!
  9. September – Cancun, MCOH, ATSU St. Louis, Chillicothe, SEDS Golf/Superheroes/Installation, Kirksville, St. Louis NDs, MDAF Board, WV
  10. October –Hawaii and ADA HOD, Food for Thought, AL, Day at the Game, Kansas City, Kirksville, St. Louis
  11. November – House of Delegates and Award Winners, Springfield and Kansas City ND events, St. Charles MCDC, Dues contest, Pottery painting, DWBF Board, Thanksgiving, TN, GA
  12. December – GKCDS Installation, Holiday Parties, ATSU Finals meal, AZ, Grandbabies, Mexico, New Year’s Eve

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