The Week That Was: December 17-21

The Holly Jolly Good News Edition

The holiday season in America is many things, regardless of diverse faith backgrounds. There’s the festive music, the bustling shopping, the joy of giving, the grand light and decoration displays, and of course, a whole lot of gatherings as family and friends. Here at the MDA mothership, we are happy to experience the holidays as a team and as part of our dental family. The generous and thoughtful gifts that flow into the breakroom all month totally undermine good eating habits, but we are more than happy to indulge and feel appreciated. However, death by caramel popcorn is a growing possibility. Before I share some festive posts, I want you to know how much the whole MDA team appreciates you, our members. Our job is diverse, often challenging, and fun more times than not. It’s a blessing to have a strong team and to work for such a wonderful membership base. Cheers to Dentistry! From the MDA Family to all of you, we wish you the merriest of holidays filled with safe travel, gratitude and wonderful family time.


What Child is This?

While we can’t announce every MDA family birth, we also can’t pass up celebrating a Christmas-season baby. Congrats to MDA and MDA Foundation Past President, Dr. Elwood Rice and his wife Liz, on the birth of a grandson, Frederick Elwood Wayne Schutte born to daughter Megan on December 20. The bouncing baby boy weighed in at 7.19 lbs and 19.5 inches. What a special gift this time of year. Congrats to the whole Rice family!


Ain’t No Party Like an MDA Costume Party!

Each December the MDA and MDIS team gather for a holiday lunch and to spread a little cheer together. This year our party planners, Jerri and Stacey, outdid themselves with fun activities and mirth. We were all given special holiday names (Dashing Elf was most appropriate for me if I do say so). We also had a costume contest for the best rendition of a Christmas movie character. Congrats to Melissa who took home first place for her costume as half of the Home Alone criminals, Harry and Marv. Vicki played the other half of the duo. Second place went to Jerri’s authentic all-in representation of Cousin Eddie from Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I don’t see how anybody could decide on a winner when we had choices like Six-pack Santa, the Grinch, Holly Jolly, Lady Elf and of course, my personal favorite, Buddy the Elf. Kudos to all who participated. Thank heavens we had a private room!


Competitive and unusual games are a hallmark of our gatherings. We played Naughty or Nice where staff randomly discovered if they were nice for some reason like volunteering to clean the break room or naughty for some reason like taking a nap on Vicki’s couch when she was away. We will let you guess who was naughty and who was nice. Then we played gift card exchange. Everyone randomly drew a gift card (everyone brought a $20-$25 card from a local establishment). The kicker is you could challenge someone else for their card. Challenges included high card, rolling doubles and rock, paper, scissors. People were hot with envy and apparently, Greg Russell had what everyone wanted as he was continuously challenged. We all left with something good.  Our final game was a dice game where if you roll doubles you can choose from a large selection of gifts on the table. Some ended up with 4 or more gifts. That is until the speed round when doubles meant you could steal a gift. After the dust settled everyone had something and some had a lot. All were greatly amused. It was a grand time together and we appreciate the spoils.

The Week Ahead

Look for a recap of 2018 and say goodbye as we set sights on another great year for the MDA.

Quote of the Week

Behold, I bring you good news of a great joy …” – An angel of the Lord

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