The Week That Was: December 10-14

Holly Jolly for New Dentists in St. Louis

Last night Jerri and Lindsey from MDIS joined Shantel on the road to St. Louis. The occasion was the holiday party of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society’s New Dentist committee, sponsored by our fabulous friends at MDIS. Shantel was invited to speak on the MDA’s upcoming legislative session and a number of hot topics. It’s great to see this young wave of members (more than 50) get engaged in the super-important aspect of advocacy. Oh sure, there was plenty of merriment, too, with fabulous, festive attire, delicious food and spirits, and timely door prizes. Who needs to shop when MDIS can provide you with awesome prizes? Thanks to all for their hospitality and contribution.


ATSU Students Fuel for Finals

Good nutrition definitely aids good focus and mental capacity. Both are needed for dental students in that home stretch of finals week. Thankfully, the local Northeast Dental Society had compassion for their young colleagues and provided a hearty meal from Colton’s this past Tuesday. I drove up to lend a helping hand and provide some encouragement. You could tell this hit the spot. Several went through the line twice. One student told me she had only eaten cereal for the past 2 days. Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most. To cap it off, plenty of students won a gift card as well. Kudos to the fine job, NEDS President Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick did in arranging this outreach.


Connections Matter

We speak of advocacy all the time, but it’s not just important during the legislative session. Relationship building and financial support is needed all the time. Earlier this week Shantel was on the road to Bridgeton for a fundraiser to benefit Governor Mike Parson. As you see, the MDA is connected. These connections matter when we wish to be heard on important issues. Thanks Shantel for the road time and representation. It will benefit all members. Also in attendance was Attorney General elect Eric Schmitt.

Late-Breaking Baby News

We try to celebrate members in this space, and this week we received wonderful news that just makes the holidays even brighter. The MDA congratulates Drs. Emily and David Mattingly who welcomed their third child, Adah Pearl, on Tuesday, December 11. She was 6 pounds 5 ounces and 18 inches long, and everyone is happy and healthy! Also of note, Emily has been chosen to become the ADA New Dentist Committee Chair in 2019. Congratulations to this busy mom, wife and new dentist leader!

dr claudia

Happy Dues Contest Winner in Kansas City

Last week we drew the winners for the early bird dues contest. You may recall I was able to deliver the gift card prize to Dr. Todd Buzbee in Springfield. Well, thankfully our other winner, Dr. Claudia Lopez, sent us this delightful photo. We like to put smiles on our members’ faces. Dr. Lopez is a pediatric dentist, so you know children like that smile as well. Congrats!

The Week Ahead

There are some other items of business on the calendar, but all I can see is the MDA/MDIS Holiday Party next Tuesday featuring a costume contest and some wacky games. Be sure to tune in next week for a recap and some possibly incriminating photos.

Quote of the Week

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” — Mason Cooley

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