The Week That Was: December 3-7

Noel and New Officers for GKCDS

Due to a family conflict, I missed the Greater Kansas City Dental Society Christmas party last Friday for the first time in years. Thankfully, Margie Kunze and her husband Mark were available to fill in. Not surprisingly, they reported all the festivities were up to snuff. The awards and recognitions were too plentiful to mention in total. Thanks to outgoing president, Dr. Connie White for her generous service and welcome to the new 2019 officers: President, Dr. Will Duensing; President-Elect, Dr. Matthew Hlavacek; Vice President, Dr. Wendy Weimer and Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Sam Hayes.

Dues Contest Winners Announced on Facebook Live

During dues season we do what we can to encourage members to be prompt and make it easy to pay. This year our early bird online contest had two categories. To spice things up co-sponsor, Jerri Wildhaber from MDIS, joined me on Facebook live to announce our winners. Congrats to Dr. Claudia Lopez of Greater Kansas City Dental Society who was drawn from among 13 folks who signed up for auto-renew. Not only does she win a $100 gift card, this time next year her membership will just renew automatically, saving her time and saving money for the MDA. Dr. Todd Buzbee’s name was selected from 172 total people who easily paid their dues online and thus saved the MDA printing and postage expenses. As fate would have it, I was in Springfield yesterday and had the opportunity to give Dr. Buzbee his prize in person. Congrats to both and thanks to all who participated. Just this week a hard copy of dues were mailed to all our remaining members. The many, valuable MDA benefits make you all winners for being members.

Springfield and Spirits

The main reason I was in Springfield was to join members at their New Dentist social at Missouri Spirits. Jean Harmison, executive director, worked with Dr. Kati Pyle, the local rep on the MDA New Dentist Committee, to pull together a great event. Moving it from October to December gave it a festive feel. Thanks to Henry Schein for sponsoring. There was an excellent turnout of NDs to enjoy food and beverage plus some awesome door prizes. And as usual, Springfield leadership made a strong and supportive showing, including current MDA President Dr. Dan Kessler, Past MDA President, Dr. Jody Vance, past trustee Dr. Cheryl Haley, and current trustee, Dr. Brett Durbin, among others. Of course, these events are fun, but they also provide seeds of networking on many different fronts. Thanks for having us, and kudos on a solid outreach to welcome your new dentist members.

ADA Good News

During an ADA webinar on membership Wednesday, the state societies were given good news. Across the country, membership was up a net 423 people over last year. Most of this increase has to do with the hard work put in at the state level. In fact, within the state membership metric, the increase was 1,606 which is five times higher than any previous year in the last decade. These are strong trends for a professional field with so many changes and challenges. I guess membership does matter. And I’m happy to salute my colleague, Stacey, for managing the MDA team’s efforts to make your Missouri membership a positive and valuable experience.

Guess What’s Coming?

Living in the state capitol and reading the local paper makes it impossible to miss stories about the upcoming legislative session. One story reported that 300 bills already have been filed and there’s still plenty of time left to meet the deadline. Poor Shantel will read herself silly, but thankfully she and our whole MDA advocacy team will monitor what is important to our members. Evidently, one big storyline will be the Governor’s pursuit of a prescription drug monitoring program. Stay tuned and sign up to attend our Legislative Day activities. Your voice makes a difference. Meanwhile, here’s a quiz for you. Be the first member to reply to me and win a prize. What dental connection do these 5 states share? Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, New Jersey and Texas.

The Week Ahead

It’s fairly quiet as we wind down the year but there are two events. The Northeast Dental Society will show its support for the MOSDOH students in Kirksville during exam week with a free lunch from Colten’s and some positive reinforcement. Then on Thursday, it’s the Greater St. Louis Dental Society’s turn to welcome new dentists with a festive holiday gathering. Shantel will be speaking on the aforementioned upcoming legislative session. I’m sure prizes and photos will follow as well.

Quote of the Week

The secret to dying young is to do it as late as possible.” – from George W. Bush’s eulogy to his father, President George H.W. Bush. We pay tribute to this wonderful example of a man, leader and public servant. RIP, President Bush.

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