The Week That Was: November 12-16

Paint, Pottery and Positivity

Tuesday was the highlight of the week, as we had a working lunch over staff meeting and delegated all the actions steps from the House of Delegates. We then took the remainder of the afternoon to join our MDIS friends for some positive team building fun at the local paint your pottery shop. I freely admit that I am not artsy, and only occasionally crafty, so this was a stretch for me but I was amazed at the wide range of ideas from the other staff. We have some creative minds and some artistic talent lurking in the group. Maybe everyone was inspired to knock out a free Christmas gift. At any rate, we had a good item as you can tell. I’ll post a photo of all of us with our works of art when they get back from being baked.

Do You Dues?

It’s that membership renewal season and earlier this week a link to pay your 2019 MDA dues was emailed out. You can enter to win $100 if you pay your online before November 29. Catch up with the times—and save yourself time and the MDA money (no postage and printing)—by paying online. All the cool kids are doing it. We will still mail a dues statement to any who haven’t paid by December 1, so have no fear if timing does not work out.


Well-Being Board Meeting

This morning we hosted the annual board meeting for the Dental Well-Being Foundation. It was great to see everyone. I’m so impressed by their commitment to wrangle with the tough issues as they guide this valuable program forward. They approved a new outreach strategy to increase member awareness and engagement so keep your eyes open in January.

The Week Ahead

It’s a short week with Thanksgiving and there will be no blog post. Here’s to a safe, restful and family-filled time as you gather to give thanks. Gratitude is considered by many to be the secret sauce to life.

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