The Week That Was: November 5-9

Spanning the State from East to West

After my special-edition blog about the House of Delegates posted on Tuesday, things have mostly been quiet as we clean up from House, reflect on election results and prepare to send 2019 dues statements. However, Vicki and I both hit the road in opposite directions and filed these reports.

Mid-Continent  Madness  in Full Bloom

The member steering committee and the fantastic staff at the Greater St. Louis Dental Society are in the middle of the 77th Mid-Continent Dental Congress in St. Charles. Free attendance is a member benefit for GSLDS members, and the turnout is always spectacular. The exhibit hall alone is a great way to connect with all your dental partners and the CE is always top-notch. As you can see, our generous friends at MDIS are sponsoring the Morning Break. I believe this is the first year I have been unable to attend after years of fun with Mouse Races and I Heart Dental Charities Raffle.

Early Thursday morning, Vicki attended the annual business meeting and snapped these shots of MDA past-president Dr. Vince Rapini presenting the MDA New Dental Leader Award to Dr. Jon Copeland before his hometown colleagues. Sadly, Dr. Copeland was unable to attend the MDA Awards Banquet at the House of Delegates last week. Still, he’s a worthy recipient, and we applaud him!

Pickleball and Snow Out West

New Dentists are the lifeblood of MDA’s future, and I value any engagement I can have with them. It’s even more fun when that can interaction can be over Pickleball, a paddle sport for all ages—or a great excuse to gather for food and drink. Despite the early-season snow, there was still a great turnout at this event sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Dental Society on Thursday evening, and I met several NDs that I had not met before. I lightheartedly challenged them to “take over” the association. The photos reflect the good food, the congenial networking and then the fierce competition. Thankfully, I did not pull a hamstring. I sure hope more and more of these events pop up in the components, because teamwork is easier when you know the team. I salute a great evening.

I stayed in town for Friday’s the GKCDS CE event featuring a speaker on sleep apnea. It was a full and captivated house. Over lunch, GKCDS President Dr. Connie White led a business meeting, and several of us were able to give updates from the ADA Annual meeting in Hawaii and the MDA House of Delegates meeting last week.

The Week Ahead

I know the Communications team of Melissa and Elisha are working hard to wrap the fabulous yearend edition of the Focus. Meanwhile, my focus will be more toward our annual Dental Well-Being Foundation Board meeting. Watch your mailboxes in January for a special offering from this group. Other than that, I spy a staff meeting over a working lunch followed by a team-building exercise. I won’t reveal anymore right now, but suffice it to say some will excel, I will not.

Quote of the Week

Some Grandmas knit scarves, Real Grandmas play Pickleball.” – as seen on the web

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