Special Edition: MDA House of Delegates

House in Action

The House of Delegates is the governing body of the MDA. It’s where your appointed delegates gather to discuss and vote on the issues and priorities that are important to you. Resolutions are presented and vetted with testimony and then reviewed by committee before finally being put to vote. It’s a good system that allows for engagement. This year there was plenty of lively discussion on resolutions. Give us a few days to process the official minutes which will be posted at modental.org/house and will give a full account of all that passed.


Additionally at the House we heard a farewell speech from outgoing MDA President, Dr. Vince Rapini and a welcome message from newly installed President, Dr. Dan Kessler. Plus we installed the other officers of the Board including President Elect, Dr. Mike Berry; Treasurer, Dr. Ron Wilkerson; and, Speaker, Dr. Lynne Barbour. Congrats to all, and thank you for your leadership. The House wasn’t all business though. We did raise $3,400 for the Dental Well-Being Foundation as we raffled off a trail bike. The lucky winner, Dr. Mike LaFerla, will get special delivery and lunch with me. What a deal! I’m so grateful for the generosity of our members to support their colleagues in need. And to wrap up the fun, we sang a rousing tune of Happy Birthday to our fearless and ageless leader, Vicki Wilbers, who does not like the attention but appreciates the love.

ADA Guests

Adding to the scope of the House is the presence of guests from the ADA. We were fortunate to have ADA President Elect, Dr. Chad Gehani, and ADA Sixth District Trustee, Dr. Roy Thompson and wife, Margrey. These gentlemen were fresh from the ADA Annual Meeting in Hawaii and were able to speak to the national scene. Plus their own passion for the profession is contagious and welcomed. They were great company, and we are grateful for making us a priority.


Happy Dentists Hour

As a social guy, I appreciate a good happy hour, and the reception at the MDA Awards Banquet never disappoints. It’s a great time for colleagues to connect as well an opportunity to meet significant others and the guests of our award winners. Everyone is congenial. I tried to capture several groups. At the risk of overlooking someone, I won’t name names but will let you enjoy several photos of the revelry.

MDA Awards

If you like being impressed, you would like this year’s award winners. They are all very deserving. Hearing their introductions and accomplishments was often jaw dropping. They represent the profession with excellence. And according to their remarks, they are very grateful and well aware of the team approach to success, as all were very complimentary of organized dentistry, the MDA team, their own staff and supportive families. I can’t do it all justice, so I will simply list them here for you. These are based on who was in attendance.

These moments make me very proud, and it was fun to celebrate and take casual photos as well. There was a lot of joy and it was a good evening to be a member.

It was wonderful to see so many members from seasoned leaders to first timers and dental students. Together is how we move forward. You can sense the love for dentistry and the respect for each other. Thank you Margie Kunze who led the MDA team and makes the House happen. Thank you to all who attended. Soak it up and we will see you next year!

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