The Week That Was: October 29-November 2

Day at the Game a Success (Until the Final Play)

It was a beautiful day for the 25th annual MDA Day at the Game last Saturday. Tailgaters enjoyed delicious catering from Hoss’s Market and a selection of libations to support the festivities—including a taste of an array of Missouri wines. This event is designed for members, their families and friends, and we were glad to see so much of that! Once upon a time, Dr. Elwood Rice brought only his young family, now we love seeing those adult kids and their young families in their black and gold! Dr. Rob Tait and wife Faye met up with their son who is a part of Marching Mizzou. Dr. Stone was accompanied by his two brothers-in-law, Kelvin and Josh, all Springfield residents who made the trek northward and were rewarded with a great day for game day. Thanks to MDIS for their sponsorship. All in attendance seemed to have a good time. Even the game was good as Mizzou had a ranked Kentucky squad on the ropes until … the very last play of the game … ugh! Still we chant, M-I-Z …

Gimme an S

St. Louis and Shantel and students and success. On Tuesday Jerri and I and Shantel Smith, MDA Legislative Director, headed east to the ATSU campus for Food for Thought. More than 50 students joined us for free lunch and festivities. Shantel gave an interactive and behind-the-scenes look at how advocacy works and why engagement is important. With many of these students not planning to practice in Missouri, it was important that they understand how to protect their profession and be involved in whatever state they end up. Also we had a special surprise presentation from MDA member, Dr. Bob Butler who presented a $1,000 scholarship from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) to student Richard Rash. Dr. Butler is quite active on the advocacy front and enjoyed seeing students Lisa Bosch and Mark Betancourt who went to the ADA Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. last spring.

Speaking of the AGD

At the recent ADA Annual Meeting in Hawaii, new AGD inductees included several dentists from Missouri. I was able to get a photo of the impressive array of Missouri dentists who were both sponsors (standing in the back) and inductees (robed in the front). Congratulations to all on this honor! Inductees front, from left: Michael Noble, Jon Copeland, John Dane, Kent Powell, Lori Roseman, Lisa Castleman, Jeremy Bowen, David Dear. Sponsors back, from left: Ken Weinand, Bob Butler, Connie White, Prabu Raman, Tom Stone.


Halloween Shenanigans

Who doesn’t love to don a costume and be someone else for the day? Halloween allows us to let our hair down and have some fun as members and staff. Dr. Mack Taylor, New Dentist representative on the MDA Board of Trustees, did just that and made the mistake of sharing a photo. I’ll let it speak for itself. It’s all in good fun, and I hope that you all had a happy and safe Halloween. Now clear the schedule for all those emergency visits for cracked teeth on candied apples.


The BOT is SRO

Today we kicked off a busy three days with our fourth quarter Board of Trustees meeting. It was a packed agenda, and a packed room—thus the Standing Room Only designation. Guests presenters included the deans of both dental schools, Dr. Dwight McLeod of MOSDOH and Dr. Marsha Pyle of UMKC. We also heard from Dr. Edward O’Connor, Provost of the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. And finally we heard from Michael Wilgus of The Dentists Supply Company. And this is before all the other business of the board, least of which was honoring Elisha Bonnot for her five years of service as MDA’s very capable, creative Graphic Designer. Congratulations, you make us all look good!

The Week Ahead — Special Edition

With the House of Delegates straight ahead, this blog will publish early next week to bring you the hard-hitting stories and inside photos that you demand to see from this esteemed publication.

Quote of the Week
Remember to Vote next Tuesday! Your voice counts … especially in Houston, Mo. where we hope to the public votes to keeps fluoride in the water system.

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