The Week That Was: October 22-26

Aloha, Mahalo, and Book ‘em Dan-O

These catchy Hawaii references allude to the ADA Annual Session that ended earlier this week. They conducted House business on a national level. There was awesome CE and a massive exhibit hall. There was plenty of discussion of the future. And there was no doubt some sweet networking and connection time at fun events in an amazing setting. You can go here for a full recap. I’m more concerned with our Missouri delegation and their work as they represented your concerns. Some photos trickled in as well. Vicki and Shantel posed at the Enchanted Evening Banquet. Our fine delegates took the floor and voted on the issues. They also devoured information at various committee meetings. St. Louis dentist, Dr. Jon Copeland was recognized for being one of ADA’s 10 Under 10 winners. And New Dentists compadres Drs. Ricardo Lemus and Fallon Stiens sent their greetings. Plus. much more. Thank you to all for your heavy lifting on Missouri’s behalf.

Triple Treat at UMKC

To maximize travel time and expense, we were able to knock off three unique events at UMKC SOD in under 24 hours. First up was breakfast for the D4s as part of Dr. Thein’s practice management course. We brought in a power couple to talk about their journey and wise principles for getting started in your career. Dr. Danielle Riordan spoke about starting off slow and what’s she learned from organized dentistry. She made the great point that being a member provides you protection for a career that you’ve invested so much time and money into. Danielle’s husband, Nick, is a Senior VP at Central Bank with great insights on the lending world. Together they provided good content and stimulated some solid discussion. I appreciate their time and travel to pay it forward as strong cheerleaders for organized dentistry.

At noon, we had a packed house for Food for Thought. Local oral surgeon, Dr. Adam Flack, was our speaker and he gave real-world insight into managing debt with a growing family and six years of residency debt. It was another smash hit with the students.

Then we capped off the day holding down a corner at the busy UMKC vendor fair. There was lots of foot traffic and a great chance to dispense swag and make personal connections with our student members. I appreciate the way UMKC welcomes us and allows us to showcase the many advantages of organized dentistry to the next wave.


Dental Board Topics

Hot off the press! Earlier today Vicki, Shantel Dr. Rapini and Dr. Berry attended the Missouri Dental Board meeting to stay on top of all the relevant issues. Today the Board agreed to move ahead with verbal authorization and local anesthesia under general supervision by hygienists. It will be interesting to see how this language develops. The MDA Board of Trustees will take up this discussion next week when they meet prior to the House of Delegates.

Light the Candles and Pass the Ice Cream

While defying external aging and yet still producing ever increasing wisdom, two of our own flipped the calendar this week. Happy Birthday to Shantel, MDA Legislative Director, and Melissa, MDA Communications Director (and my editor). I try to hide my mistakes but she catches them all! And let’s keep the party hats nearby because next week our fearless leader, Vicki, will celebrate a birthday as well. Best wishes to all!

The Week Ahead

We go to press just ahead of the big MDA Day at the Game. The weather looks great for a fun time of wine testing, concerts, food and beverage, togetherness and the main event as Mizzou tangles with Kentucky in an SEC East showdown. Stay tuned for photos. We flip the car and head the other way as we visit ATSU St. Louis on Tuesday for a Food for Thought. Then we settle down to our state business with BOT meetings and the House of Delegates. We will be joined by many guests and receive many updates. I hope to see many of you there and will eventually post photos and news here.

Quote of the Week

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – The possibly delusional Betty Friedan

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