The Week That Was: October 8-12

Skulls in the Bucket with Jimmy John

Sounds like a cheesy horror film title, but it’s actually a good snapshot of our travel this week. On Tuesday, Stacey, Jerri and I hit the road for our fall Food for Thought at the MOSDOH Kirksville campus. As students gathered and grabbed their Jimmy John’s lunch, I noticed they all had white buckets. My curiosity was piqued, and I had to ask what was in the bucket. Obviously … it was a skull  because that’s not creepy to carry around a few weeks before Halloween! The skull is actually an integral part to their study of head and neck anatomy. It’s included in tuition. I missed out because the only thing English majors ever got with tuition was a composition book. And now you know the origin of the flowery language that fills this space.


Our speaker was Dr. John Rich from Kentucky who joined  us as part of the ADA Success program lineup of speakers. He comes from a dental family, and in fact his father, Dr. Ken Rich, is a past Sixth District trustee. Dr. John did a fine job engaging the students with humor and empathy as they walked through a discussion on ethics. It was well received, and the time flew by. It’s great to see organized dentistry sharing the wealth for the good of all. We wrapped up the time with our usual cash grab, which is always a hit.

Tech Upgrade

On a less glamorous but necessary note, the main event at the MDA office was the upgrade of our AV equipment in the boardroom. Technology changes at warp speed and we still had original equipment from 2002 that was showing signs of failure. The installers crawled all through the ceiling and had cables and boxes everywhere until all of a sudden, it looked like our boardroom again. I can’t wait to see the BOT materials and other displays at our next event, without the “technical difficulties” that were commonly occurring.


The Week Ahead

This week was prep for the upcoming governance events beginning next week when Vicki and Shantel join the Missouri delegation at the ADA Annual Meeting in Hawaii. With nothing to see or do in such a shabby location, I’m sure we can get a few updates on the business meetings. Seriously, there are some key topics on the agenda, and I know our Missouri delegates will do us proud. Bon Voyage!

Quote of the Week

Aloha is a value, one of unconditional love. Aloha is the outpouring and receiving of the spirit.

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