The Week That Was: August 27-31

There’s a New Champion in Town

Nothing is given to you in life. You have to earn it, and that’s exactly what Denise Lehmen, MDA Finance Manager, did at our monthly team-building event this past Tuesday. Organizers Jerri and Stacey brought back the popular Corn Hole Tournament that we first played last February.

At that time yours truly (Paul) and Margie took home the hardware over Melissa and Sharlene. There would be no title defense because we started from scratch and drew new teams. Due to an odd number, one player was going to play without a partner. That player was Denise. Meanwhile Paul and Melissa formed a formidable team of previous finalists. Denise plowed through the tournament undefeated like a ruthless cyborg leaving staff in her wake. She even took down Paul and Melissa who had to fight their way back through the losers bracket. They would now have to defeat the Wardsville Wizard twice if they wanted the trophy! They won the first game, and now all the marbles came down to one last game. The energy in the crowd was palpable and lopsided. The only possible woman in the room not rooting against Paul and pulling for Denise was Paul’s teammate Melissa. Back and forth the bags flew and the cheers and jeers wailed but in the end Denise stood triumphant. Let’s give honor where honor is due. Denise will hold the title until we meet again in February.

Our team-building afternoon was kicked off with a donated Chipotle lunch from a secret admirer member dentist. You know who you are and we thank you! The whole event was good fun for all and keeps us both loose and united as a team.

Farewell to MOMOM 7

This round of MOMOM was a particularly unique one for many reasons but it was also very rewarding. Yesterday I met with the awesome co-chairs, Drs. Tisha Kice-Briggs and Amanda Fitzpatrick, for one last time to debrief what we saw and discuss what we could possibly change going forward. It felt good to relax and know that together with an awesome team we pulled it off. Kudos to all the members who step up to lead a MOMOM. It’s a big sacrifice with a big payoff. Now it’s time to roll on to the northwest and see what we stir up for MOMOM 8.

MOMOM Evernt at Pershing Arena-9269.jpg

The Week Ahead

Enjoy your long Labor Day holiday weekend—the traditional end of summer and the return of football. It won’t be long before all those wonderful local component meetings fire back up. In fact, Vicki and I will attend a joint gathering of the NEDS and the NWDS in Chillicothe next Friday. Make a habit of watching your email and choosing to attend the next meeting in your area. You’ll be surprised what you learn and you’ll  like who you meet.

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