The Week That Was: April 16-20

Houston, We have a Problem

You may recall that memorable movie line from Apollo 13. This may not be on the same epic scale, but for oral health and dentistry, it’s still a big deal. Monday evening, Vicki and Melissa headed south to Houston, Mo. to attend a Town Hall meeting where the topic was continuation of water fluoridation for the city. On hand to educate citizens about the benefits of community water fluoridation was Dr. Johnny Johnson, a pediatric dentist and president of the Florida-based American Fluoridation Society. Also speaking to the audience against fluoridation was Paul Connett, executive director of New York-based Fluoride Action Network, one of the largest organizations opposing water fluoridation worldwide. We appreciate the dentists who practice in Houston or in towns nearby who were present to speak of their support for fluoridation. These included Dr. Joe Richardson, Dr. Teri Cartwright and Dr. Emily Taylor. Following the town hall forum, the City Council met at its regular meeting where it heard longer, more formal presentations from Dr. Johnson and Mr. Connett. The council did not take a vote about continuing fluoridation for the city, but one is expected in the coming month. Here’s a local article and video if you’re interested.

Bringing Home the Hardware!

Stacey Kloeppel, MDA Membership Manager, was in Chicago this week at the ADA’s annual Membership Recruitment and Retention Conference. At the award ceremony she raised the roof and accepted the “Greatest Net Gain of New Dentists” award for states in our size class. It’s quite an honor that we should all celebrate. Joining Stacey in the Missouri delegation were St.Louis Drs. Michael Hoffmann and Danielle Riordan and GSLDS Membership Director, Susan Prosperi. Membership is a team effort and we should all be proud that our hard work has yielded good results.

RR 2018-3

If you read this blog regularly you will notice how much focus we give to student and new dentist (ND) outreach. It is essential to any membership organization to consistently recruit and involve new members. At the centerpiece of our efforts is the Connect4Success New Dentist conference. This summertime event led by our strong statewide ND Committee has been a big success. So much so that that we are adding the Connect4Success MDA Annual Conference to run parallel to it. This is sure to become the must-attend MDA event of the year. But our new dentist outreach efforts are augmented at the component level where several creative, fun, networking events have been successfully conducted.

MOMOM Puzzle Taking Shape

Yesterday in Kirksville we had an important site visit with key personnel that will inhabit our clinic space in August. There were dentists, vendors, past leads, and local community members in attendance. I had a two hour drive and I think my trip was the shortest. I am so impressed by the commitment and sacrifice of the wider team that makes MOMOM possible. The united spirit and generous contribution of time and expertise from so many volunteers is a hallmark of MOMOM’s brand and success. And yes, we made a lot of progress and we still have lots to do but we will be ready so come join us in August.


Board Games

Today the MDA Board is in session here at the office. Most of them started early today and attended and participated in the Missouri Dental Board meeting before relocating to the MDA to hold their quarterly meeting. These are valuable leadership contributions for the greater membership. Keep an eye out your trustee’s report in the form of an email update on the proceedings.

The Week Ahead

The calendar shows meetings or conference calls on topics like the parking lot repair, MOMOM media training, ambassador program, membership mailings, new dentists and CPR training. Springfield has its officer installation and Southeast has their spring golf tournament and business meeting and there’s an EFDA course in Lee’s Summit.

Quote for Earth Day

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

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