The Week That Was: February 26-March 2

One Shining Moment – Corn Hole Style!

It’s March, and for many that means Madness with the annual NCAA basketball tourney. It’s always a roller coaster of emotion as they whittle down 64 teams until they crown one national champion. But before you get lost in your brackets, you need to hear about the fierce double elimination corn hole tournament first mentioned in last week’s blog. MDA and MDIS teamed up for a social wellness event. The competition was so fierce that the final game had to be delayed until this past Monday morning. Team Melissa and Sharlene seem to have the crowd in their corner, but a steady focus helped Team Paul and Margie pull out the ultimate victory! They were awarded with $10 gift certificates, and more importantly they hoisted the 2018 Corn Hole Champion trophy! Bragging rights are in order until they defend their title at the next tourney! Kudos to the organizers and all who participated.

Business Rolls On

Lest you believe that we’ve gone mad playing games, the work of the MDA is always surging forward. Besides the continual grind at the Capitol monitoring your concerns during the legislative session, there also was focus on component support with development of schedules and agendas for upcoming Spring meetings. Make sure you attend and get engaged at the local level. Plus the MDA and Component membership teams had a conference call to finalize plans for the final Food for Thoughts and National Signing Day. It won’t be long before we welcome the next crop of graduated members!

Vicki and Shantel attended the annual Missouri Coalition for Oral Health conference this week, along with current MDA president, Dr. Vince Rapini and MDA Past-President, Dr. Merle Nunemaker. Of note, Drs. Jody Vance, Nick Hein and Marlene Feisthamel received the Oral Health Champion Award for their work with fluoride advocacy in Battlefield, Mo. This statewide consortium plays a big role with oral health issues that affect us all – including some great tools for working with your local authorities on fluoride issues.

And finally … drumroll … I see just this afternoon that online registration for Connect4Success is now open! Like the rising temps, things are heating up for a busy spring with the MDA.

Next Week

A quick glance ahead shows the MDA staff will have their monthly meeting on Tuesday. Then the MDA Foundation Board comes to town on Friday. They will determine three scholarship winners among other business items. And Stacey and Jerri will take goodies and cheer to the ATSU D4 students in St. Louis who have their boards next Friday.

Quote of the Week

In honor of the Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral today, here are his own words from several years ago.

Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.

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