The Week That Was: February 19-23

Two Weeks Already?

I know my loyal readers are eager to see the latest post since I did not blog last week. Well, here you go. It may not be jam packed, but by design this blog is meant to be more like the social page where you have a chance to see pictures of your colleagues or get the light hearted take on all the MDA happenings. We save the serious information for the Focus and eNews. This week I’ve been out on family travel, just returning Thursday, and then I’m off today to celebrate my prowess in aging with a trip to Weston, Mo. with dear friends. Thus, I’ve not been on the front lines and have no photos to share—but here’s a brief report, nonetheless.

Island Dreams – Travel & Learn – Always a Great Trip!

Last weekend 32 participants returned from St. George, Grenada after a fabulous week on the MDA’s Travel &Learn trip. While most of us chipped ice off our cars, these intelligent souls were enjoying some stimulating CE and professional development between all the excursions, fruity cocktails and walks on the beach. Of note, the CE presentations, which reports say were excellent, were done by doctors presenting for the first time presenting on the Travel & Learn. Thanks to Drs. Jeff Moyer, Scott Schlueter and Stewart Dexter! Vicki presented CE too, but she’s an old-timer when it comes to giving an “all-things-MDA and legislative-update” variety. Put it on your to-do list to watch for 2019 trip details, when this annual excursion heads to Sandals Barbados.

TL18- group photo

Shantel Stays Busy on the Legislative Front

When session is “in” at the Capitol, the action is furious—if not always glamourous. Just checking the calendar shows that MDA Legislative & Regulatory Director, Shantel Smith, attended meetings on professional registration, small business and industry, government efficiency, and appropriations in addition to listening to House debate. She also spoke to the Jefferson City Study Club. All this is vital to keep our advocacy work on point and to keep you, the member, informed. The heavy report can be found in your weekly Capitol Connection.

MOMOM Adjustments

As you know, plans are well on the way for MOMOM 7 in Kirksville on August 3-4, 2018. In fact I met with the local team again last week. As we consider the new frontier of our first clinic in the wide open north, we are making some changes to enhance the volunteer experience. No formal news until April, but just know that we understand our clinic relies on dental volunteers, and we are doing our best to make it easy and enjoyable. You already know how rewarding it is!

Wellness through Social Competition

Throughout the last year, our MDA and MDIS teams have been focusing on health and wellness in many ways. We did the big Fitbit challenge last year as part of the Dental Well Being Foundation’s Wheel into Wellness campaign. This year we are offering optional monthly challenges to participate in with some simple prizes as incentive to keep health and wellness on our minds. This month (yesterday, in fact) we knocked off a little early and gathered in the Delta Room downstairs for a little friendly Corn Hole Tournament. Spirits were high as we laughed and considered our non-Olympic talents. Still we competed like we were winning gold in front of a worldwide crowd. It this double elimination-style tournament, it ended in a draw between the teams of Paul and Margie and Melissa and Sharlene … so you’ll have to wait to hear who is crowned in next week’s edition.

Looking ahead, March is going to be our team’s NO month! To participate, we’ve been asked to determine what our NO will be – giving up something unhealthy, such as fast food, soda, alcohol, sweets, etc. We’re all in, and have placed the list in the library for all to see and to help keep ourselves accountable. At the end of March we’ll gather to find out who kept to their commitment and put those names into a drawing for cash/giftcard prizes. Maybe your office can try a similar challenge?


A Salute to Presidents and Quote of the Week

Last Monday was President’s Day. I cannot think of a more demanding job. Fewer than fifty people have held the office in the history of our country. Here’s to all of them. As our very own Harry S. Truman said, “Being president is like riding a tiger, a man has to keep riding or be swallowed.”

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