The Week That Was: February 5-9

Are You In or Are You Out?

That depends on who you ask, as another wild week rolls along at the MDA. I’ll try to provide a brief scorecard for those following the action.

The In Crowd

  • The whole staff team gathered Tuesday for a staff meeting to discuss all the moving pieces and how we can help each other.
  • The auditors were in the boardroom most of the week as Denise Lehmen facilitates the annual audit. Gotta keep everything in official order!
  • Lots of staff working on a variety of projects.
  • Vicki Wilbers on a seemingly endless loop of conference calls.
  • Those eager members who wish to support the MDA Foundation and try to win $1,500 cash as part of the Connect4Cash fundraiser. Join them here.

The Out Crowd

  • Shantel Smith at the Capitol monitoring committee hearings.
  • Stacey Kloeppel and Jerri Wildhaber doing back-to-back vendor fairs at the two ATSU MOSDOH campuses – St. Louis and Kirksville.
  • Paul Roberts in St. Joe scoping out potential MOMOM facilities for 2019. Both the Civic Arena and the Missouri Western Campus offer options.
  • Shantel Smith in St. Joe at the Northwest Dental Society Meeting giving a legislative update. Among others in attendance and in the photos were Rob Goren, CEO of Delta Dental; Dr. Emily Mattingly, NWDS President; Dr. Doug Wyckoff, new editor of the Focus magazine; and, Dr. Tim Curry.
  • Vicki Wilbers and Stacey Kloeppel joining other MDA members for a great week of CE in Grenada as part of Travel and Learn.

Enjoy the Olympic Spirit as the 2018 Winter Games Begin!

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