The Week That Was: December 11-15

All These Women and Now a Grandmother Too!

As you probably know, the very talented MDA staff team is all women with the exception of yours truly. This gender disparity often provides some hilarity. We have a range from single women, to moms of young children, to empty-nest moms. They are sisters, daughters and fierce competitors with unique talent and interests. And they also are a tight knit family. Well, this week the family expanded, and we now have our very first MDA staff grandchild.

Congratulations to MDA Governance Manager, Margie Kunze, and her husband Mark, on the arrival of adorable Charlotte Kunze, born December 11 to proud parents Aaron and Hannah Kunze. Margie was thrilled to get the “all systems go” text early Monday at work and had just enough time to drive to Kansas City to be with her second son on the birth of the first grandchild.

It’s good to be #1 and the spoils are rolling in for this child. And two other of Margie’s sons and their spouses also are expecting next spring so “Granny Margie” will have her hands full. Just talking to her, you can tell already her heart is full of joy and gratitude. It’s going to be a memorable Christmas.

Granny Kunze

Many of you know Margie and respect her excellent service to the MDA for more than 15 years. Feel free to send her a note at

What’s more, this excitement isn’t confined just to the office! The MDA Board of Trustees listserve has been abuzz with birth announcements, too! MDA Treasurer, Dr. Ron Wilkerson and his wife welcomed daughter Grace Marie on November 27 and on December 13, Immediate Past-President Dr. Prabu Raman announced the birth of his first grandchild, granddaughter Aliya Raman Vaseghi, to which he stated, “I am shocked at how quickly she captured my heart.”

These moments fill our hearts and show our humanity to one another … we love that the MDA truly is a dental family who celebrates with one another.

One thought on “The Week That Was: December 11-15

  1. Congratulations on the new grandchild! Better than a child. Ha! Unable to attend the Awards Banquet but appreciate the invitation. John R. Harpole


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