The Week That Was: September 25-29

First the Meal, Then the Firehose

The week kicked off on a high note as we welcomed Shantel Smith to the MDA team. All was laughter and roses as we spent time introducing ourselves and learning more about Shantel. The feel-good love kept rolling as we all enjoyed a hard-earned free lunch from the ADA for our efforts promoting the Find-A-Dentist campaign. It was a cushy first day on the job, and it was fun to lay the groundwork for our newest teammate.  BUT, if you know anything about the office environment, it was “game on” the next day. I could almost hear Shantel gurgling as Vicki and Jorgen Schlemeier, our contract lobbyist, and Dr. Bowen, the chair of the MDA Legislative and Regulatory Committee, all opened the information vault in the name of “orientation.” By all accounts, Shantel handled it like a pro and is working hard on our behalf. Be sure to welcome Shantel when you see her at MDA events or call the office.

Firm Foundations

A good bit of the rest of the week was spent polishing the agenda and materials for today’s MDA Foundation Board meeting. This intrepid team acts as guardians of your generous donations to make sure we leverage the most impact possible through our programs. These include special efforts like our campaign to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. We are over $3,200 so far on top of the combined $5,000 gift from MDA and MDAF. The campaign ends this weekend, so if you want to contribute, you better hurry. Today we also elected officers. Congrats to Dr. David Neal, Chair; Dr. Bryan Foote, Vice Chair; and, Dr. William Seaton, Secretary-Treasurer. We also awarded grants for public outreach programs. Those will be informed and announced next week. Plus we did plenty more, including a healthy review of MOMOM which has gone from a “let’s see what happens” project to a 7-year-old major program. Just thinking about it makes me grateful to our volunteers and sponsors who give so generously of themselves to help others. Please remember the Foundation at dues time, which is coming up soon. We rely on your support.

The Week Ahead

After resting the wheels for a week, we are back at it next week. Tuesday, the student outreach team will be in St. Louis for a Food for Thought with D3 and D4 ATSU students, where Dr. Emily Mattingly will speak. On Thursday we head the other direction as yours truly will speak as part of ASDA week at UMKC. I’ll share the secret pearls of organized dentistry, but I’m most excited because we are providing ice cream treats! When we finish, we head to Springfield to join the Greater Springfield Dental Society at their event for New Dentists. These are always fun, but also essential for making good connections with our newest members. On Friday, Vicki and MDA President-Elect, Dr. Vince Rapini will attend the Northeast Dental Society business meeting in Moberly.

Quote of the Week

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds; You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.

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