The Week That Was: September 18-22

Swinging and Singing Down in the Cape – Business Style

The Southeast Dental Society does not mess around when they plan their events. Yesterday was their golf tournament/business meeting/CE class/installation party – and it did not disappoint. I was able to make the golf tournament at the lovely Dalhousie Golf Club. Vicki and her husband, Tooter, were also part of the scramble tournament. Let’s just say their team struggled. On a better note, my team finished second by just one stroke. We had a blast, and I salute my teammates, Drs. Kate Barnette and Nathan Seyer, and Patterson rep, Matt Crumpley. While I have my suspicions, I will congratulate the winning team of Drs. Trevor Blattner, Nick Harter, Jon Edwards and Terry Spence. We all smiled through the heat and made sure to stay hydrated, if you know what I mean.

Immediately after play, the business lunch featured MDA President, Dr. Prabu Raman and his wife, Woon Mi, as well as Dr. Ron Inge from Delta Dental of Missouri. I had a chance to update foundation-related activities. Vicki shared about our new legislative director, Shantel Smith, and Dr. Raman gave a solid Board update and fielded questions.

se 7

I had another engagement and could not stay for the installation party, which was a karaoke event where you dress as your favorite decade. I have second-hand reports only, but it looks as though Dr. Raman was able to swear in the new officers before things got too rowdy. Congratulations to outgoing president, Dr. Trevor Blattner. Welcome new officers, Drs. Nick Harter, Jon Edwards and Jared Beaird. As for the rest of the party, I heard Dr. Ross Bennett lit up the crowd with “Ice Ice Baby,” and I’ll let you guess what Dr. Jim Fox’s favorite decade is after you see the photo. Kudos to all our good SEDS members!

se 1


St. Louis Welcomes New Grads

I was delighted to run back up to St. Louis and join their New Dentist Committee at a special event welcoming new grads. The NDs know a thing or two, so they always pick an excellent venue. They had a strong turnout at the hip Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves. Besides the good food and adult beverages, they had a quick-elimination corn hole tournament. People squared off one-to-one, and whoever dunked the first bag into the hole advanced to the next round. Some pairings indicated this was not the sport of choice (I’m trying to be kind). Others flashed a killer instinct and sent their opponent home in one toss. The grand champion was not available at press time, but I do congratulate him or her. Most important, I think everyone went home with some kind of prize. These events are crucial to making new members feel welcome and involved. Congrats to all those in leadership who pulled it off.

sl 3

Kleffner, Kloeppel and Kandles

This week we celebrated two MDA staffers who had birthdays. Congrats to Elisha Kleffner, communications manager, and Stacey Kloeppel, membership manager. They both do outstanding work and each add a little spice to the office team. I am duty bound not to mention the ages of my co-workers.

The Week Ahead

Vicki and Dr. and Mrs. Raman headed off to Louisville this morning for the Sixth District Caucus meeting, to do important work before the ADA Annual Session in October (which, by the way, registration fees increase at 5pm today, so don’t wait). Our new legislative director, Shantel Smith starts on Monday and to celebrate, we will use a free lunch the staff earned for good work on the ADA Find-A-Dentist campaign. At the end of next week, the MDA Foundation has its fall meeting and will elect officers, approve a budget, make grant selections and review MOMOM. Then the Greater St. Louis Dental Society is back at it with an event for SIU students at a winery. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

Quote of the Week

Golf is a game where you yell “Fore”, shoot six, and write down five.  – Paul Harvey

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