The Week That Was: July 31-August 4

Mr. Benjamin Would Like to Challenge You

In a turn toward saving money, going green (in more ways than one) and being modern, the MDA Foundation launched its first-ever online fundraising drive with members this month. The goal is to raise $5,000 before August 31 to help grow the programs of the MDAF. The challenge is to ask members to donate $100 (one “Benjamin”). Having just started 2 days ago, we already have 10 fine folks who have stepped up to the challenge. You can even give in honor or in memory of someone. The first 25 donors can select a free gift as well. Each Tuesday we will publish a list of Benjaminites. Check it all out including the easy online donation button at our home page for Foundation Awareness Month. We appreciate you parting with Mr. Franklin for the good of your profession.


Always Improving

On Tuesday, Mandy Lewis, Education and Meeting Manager for the MDA, attended the Missouri Event Summit, which included educational sessions for meeting planners and an exhibit hall packed with hotels, resorts, meeting venues and entertainment options from around the state. She attended two sessions, the first being on dietary needs and food allergens to assist her in helping our members and guests’ have their dietary needs met appropriately during MDA events. The second was about how a local association transitioned from printed meeting materials to electronic over the last several years, including shifting to the use of an app for their conference attendees.

Conferencing in Cleveland

As I mentioned last week, Katie Reichard, Legislative and Regulatory Director for the MDA, is currently in Cleveland for the Mid States Dental Leaders Conference. When I asked for a “live look-in” she texted me a photo of her with ADA President Elect, Dr. Joe Crowley. They were working on media training. Dr. Vince Rapini, MDA’s President Elect is also attending. We appreciate those members who step up to lead and serve.


Around Town

Regulatory events were on this week’s agenda in Jeff City, as Melissa attended the Boards and Commissions Task Force Meeting at the Capitol on Thursday, and then today, she and Dr. David Dear, Central Dental Society Trustee, attended the Missouri Dental Board meeting. The Task Force is the result of Executive Order 17-11, to “Evaluate the purpose and necessity of each existing board and commission” … and “Recommend comprehensive executive and legislative reform proposals to the Governor no later than October 31, 2017.” Similarly at the Dental Board meeting, there was much discussion on Executive Order 17-03, which “orders every state agency to immediately suspend all rulemaking … and to complete a review of every regulation under its jurisdiction within the Code of State Regulations.” You give comments on the Dental Board rules through their online form.

Dark Days? Do you have them?

As one who works closely with the New Dentists in the MDA, I found this article very interesting. It’s a brutally honest look at those uneven early years right out of school. I hope it generates some good discussion locally so we can better help our members. Life teaches you that dark days can’t be avoided but we want to do all we can to help counter them, whether with proactive resources or through confidential support and counseling with our Dental Well Being Foundation.

The Mystery Slab

One thing I enjoy is envisioning what could be. That will get lots of practice as we start to prepare for MOMOM 7. Our most remote location will require creative problem solving, but the local team has embraced the journey out of love for their neighbors. Limited space will require new solutions. Believe it or not this slab will play a key role. You won’t get any secrets out of me, but loosen up your mind and get excited for next August. Let’s hope it’s this cool, weather wise.


The Week Ahead

I’m off to help move my son and daughter-in-law to Boston – a fun 1,300 mile, one-way road trip. The calendar doesn’t show much else as things are quiet just before school starts again. We likely won’t have a blog report next week. But don’t stray, I will be back with more important news as August unfolds.

Quote of the Week – A double dip from old Ben

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.
We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” – both Benjamin Franklin

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