The Week That Was: July 3-7

Aprons and Art … Cooking and Crafting … Tasty Team Building

It was already a choppy week with the holiday so we kept the vibe going yesterday with a staff retreat day out of the office. Vicki is great to schedule these and allow our hard working team a little time to bond and laugh. Mandy did an awesome job planning the day, which included all of us making a meal and each of us making a craft. We started at Back 2 Basics Cooking in Columbia where we worked as a team (that was easy) to create and then eat a full meal. We went from bruschetta appetizers to salad with avocado, strawberries, and lemon juice dressing to steak, sautéed veggies, and pasta in some miracle sauce. We finished it off with brownies that had zucchini. In between meal prep stations, we answered team building questions and played a game. I’m no culinary wizard but YUM sums it up pretty good.

Our afternoon assignment was craft making at Confetti. We could choose between 32 projects and it was fun to see everyone’s different flair for art – or in my case, lack of flair. Thank goodness the place had a bar! Liquid refreshment aided the artistic muse.

It was fun to connect and be together. Now it’s back to work as we speed toward the waning of summer and waxing of fall.

The Week Ahead

Would you like to see more patients through your door? Helping every member succeed is our mission, and next week our tripartite partner, the ADA, rolls out a nationwide ad campaign designed to make it easier for potential patients to find you online. The campaign is part of an ongoing strategy to enhance the Find-A-Dentist tool. The ads are a mix of display advertising, including animated banners, on websites, search engines and social media. The entire suite of engaging and fun digital ads focus on amazing teeth facts, while reminding potential patients that keeping their teeth healthy is only possible with regular checkups from you – and the best way to find an ADA dentist in their area is to use the Find-a-Dentist tool.

If you haven’t yet, complete your Find-a-Dentist profile today. It takes less than five minutes!

Also next Thursday, July 13, the Greater St. Louis Dental Society will host their 7th annual Member Appreciation Night with a western theme event. This is always a highlight of the summer and the prizes are spectacular. I regret missing it, but I will be on vacation in Colorado. All the best to the awesome members and staff over in the Greater St. Louis area.

Quote of the Week

Cooking is at once both child’s play and adult joy.” – Craig Claiborne


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