The Week That Was: June 26-30

Legislative Wheels Never Stop Turning

Advocacy is consistently one of our highest-rated member benefits year in and year out. It is also a 12-month effort. Just this week, Vicki and Katie met with our contracted lobbyist to stay on top of the moving pieces. When the legislators go home in May, most of us tend to forget that vital front until we reconvene with a legislative reception in January. Not so fast, my friends. Advocacy never sleeps. There are special sessions, elections, strategy meetings and all manner of opportunities to connect with your representative. In fact, the summer is one of the best times to personally connect with your rep and make your views known. Take a moment this summer to remember the value of advocacy and respond by catching up on issues, contributing to the PAC or connecting with your legislators. As always, Katie Reichard, MDA Legislative Director, is available to help guide those pursuits.

MOMOM Keeps Trucking!

You might think we can breathe a little easier now that MOMOM 6 is over. While true to a degree, this program seemingly has a life of its own. Yesterday, I got to play diesel truck driver and go fetch an electrical panel from Joplin and return it to Independence. I also picked up the patient files from Drs. McAllister and Menke who faithfully served to handle post clinic calls. And then today, I saw the rough cut of the summary video. We will share this with you next week. These short videos capture all the magic of MOMOM without making you feel all the tiredness of MOMOM. They are great vision tools for recruiting new volunteers and donors. Be proud and spread the joy when you see it.


Charity Goes Beyond MOMOM

We talk a lot about MOMOM in this space, and rightfully so, but I know there are many more charitable outreaches around the state that may not get the same exposure. It shows that wonderful giving heart that so many in this profession possess. Just this week I read about two such outreaches. First the Elks Mobile Dental Unit will be in Washington, MO for 10 days in July. Read more here. And then MDA member, Dr. Michael Arnett, is giving free treatment to two veterans. See more here.

Step Over the Line

How’s that summer body coming along? It’s nice weather and a slower time of year, so take inspiration to pursue your wellness. I read this story of a Colorado dentist who’s about my age, and I got fired up. “For years I thought about stepping over the line and going down the pathway of health and strength. Now I’m doing that, and I’m never going back.” Perhaps you can draw inspiration or share your own motivation and efforts by following our online wellness campaign, Wheel into Wellness. You might even win a prize beyond the joy of feeling healthier. Learn more here.

Happy Birthday America!

We can’t begin to blow out 241 candles, but we can celebrate our freedom and heritage as patriots! The MDA office will be closed July 3-4. Have a safe and happy holiday!


Quote of the Week

“Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country.” – Marquis de Lafayette


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