The Week That Was: May 30-June 2

MOMOM Locked and (almost) Loaded

It’s officially June! MOMOM 6 is next week and the little details are popping up. For instance, this week kicked off with a trip to Independence to retrieve a special power panel that helps us run the vacuum pumps at the clinic. From Independence it was off to Joplin to deliver the panel and have a final meeting with the co-chairs. You would be proud of Drs. Mike LaFerla and Rob Renger. They and the local Joplin team have hustled at every turn to plan a great clinic. The next morning it was a final walk through at Leggett and Platt to make sure everything is scheduled for delivery and placement. We have just one day to transform a gym into a 100-chair clinic. You would be proud of the Missouri Southern State University team. They have been gracious and super helpful as our host. Then it was off to Springfield to promote MOMOM on Ozarks Live on KOLR. Dr. Jody Vance, immediate past president of the MDA, and I slayed our 5 minute segment proclaiming the joys of MOMOM and even getting in a plug for the local fluoridation issue. Meanwhile back at the MDA, the team is scurrying to make last-minute arrangements. Next week we will hash out the final game plan, load the 26’ U-Haul and head down to Joplin for the big event.

Money, Money, Money

It’s time to start on the 2018 budget. Denise does a masterful job getting all the reports out and collecting the information. Yesterday she lead the staff through the draft budget, and we made some changes and recommendations before we send it off to the MDA Board Finance Committee. The full MDA Board will review it in August. It’s a lengthy process, but it’s serious business making sure we keep dues low and find every way possible to maximize revenue and minimize expense while still delivering an outstanding value and maintaining a strong membership.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?

Yesterday marked the end of the first month of the MDA/MDIS Wellness Challenge. Sixteen of us have been intentionally focusing on movement, exercise, sleep and water intake as a way to improve our wellness. As an incentive each month, your individual performance earns you entries into prize drawings. People earned from 1 to 7 entries. We had 3 options in which to divvy up your entries. I entered my four tickets in two of the drawings and to everyone’s chagrin but my own, I won both! Mandy was the other lucky team member, garnering herself a half-day leave. So I may shop at TJ Maxx, and I will have no problem spending my VISA cash card. So while I felt healthier from the wellness challenge and wealthier from the prize drawings, I could not get any consensus on if I was any wiser. Go figure.


Central Dental Society Social

I hated to miss this event last night at the Logboat Brewery in Columbia, but Stacey Kloeppel, CDS Executive Director, reported that the weather was beautiful, the beer was cold and the turnout was great. Glancing at her pictures everyone really enjoyed visiting with their colleagues. And what’s a dental event without a raffle? Reports are that all the prizes were won by New Dentists including the grand prize of 2 nights lodging and registration for the upcoming Connect4Success conference at the Lake. Congrats to Dr. Scott Dear, who practices in Versailles.

On the Road and Next Week

See above. All roads lead to Joplin (as I was gently reminded passing this sign on the way back from my son’s wedding in May). See you next week for MOMOM 6!


Quote of the Week

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. – Confucius


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