The Week That Was: April 24-28


Ever Have One of those Weeks?

Non-stop action characterized last week, so please excuse the delay in sending out this weekly summary. The calendar says May, but April went out with a bang. Here’s the report.

First-Ever D4 National Signing Day Reception for MOSDOH

It seems like just yesterday that the MDA was hosting a welcome reception in Kirksville for the first-ever class of ATSU Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health. This past Thursday evening those same students came to a reception in their honor just ahead of their boards and graduation. And once again, MDA was there to celebrate them and help transition them from student members to active members. The MDA Board of Trustees also joined the festivities which included a rousing game of Lotto or Squatto. Congrats and best wishes to the 2017 Graduating Class!


Lunch was good too!

Earlier Thursday, the Food for Thought team (Stacey, Jerri and Paul) brought the traveling lunch and prize show to the MOSDOH D3 and D4 students. St. Louis-based pediatric dentist, Dr. Emily Hahn, shared her professional journey since graduating five or so years ago. Dr. Hahn’s high energy and direct style were well received as students peppered her with questions. These brief and  informal exchanges get rave reviews because the MDA is providing New Dentist speakers who relate well with the students and can answer their burning questions about how decisions were made. And it never hurts to feed them good food and tease them with cash prizes.

MDA Board of Trustees Conducts Business in St. Louis

This segment combines both the “At the Office” and “On the Road” features of this report as well as the aforementioned delay.  It’s big news when the MDA Board goes on the road. The idea was to arrange the calendar so the Board could attend the national signing day reception and stay over for a full board meeting at the ATSU MOSDOH clinic in St. Louis. Dean Dr. McLeod was a gracious host and made sure the Board had a full tour of the facility and an impressive update of school priorities, challenges and next steps. Dr. Ron Inge from Delta Dental of Missouri also gave a guest presentation and fielded questions. Beyond that, there was the usually robust agenda to cover before everyone journeyed home for a rain-soaked weekend.

Next Week (This Week, really)

Some catch up time is in order, but time stops for no one so Paul will travel to LaPlata to meet with Drs. Fitzpatrick and Kice-Briggs about the 2018 MOMOM scheduled for Aug 3-4 in Kirksville. Mandy is traveling to St. Louis to keep EFDA trainers stocked and ready. And Vicki will join MDA President, Dr. Prabu Raman, in Springfield for the dental society’s officer installation program and dinner. Plus the MDA/MDIS Fitness Challenge is afoot! We started a 6-month program today, and staff are swinging those Fitbits and drinking that water.

Giggle of the Week

“Graduation Speech: I’d like to thank the internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Word and copy/paste …”


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