The Week That Was: April 17-21

Legislative & Regulatory … TGIF! 

It’s go time at the Capitol as we speed toward the end of session. Members did a great job responding to Katie’s legislative action alert. She and Vicki spent the day at the Capitol on Thursday, present at several hearings, including appropriations and for the CBCT bill, which was voted out of committee and is moving to Senate floor. Also at today’s Missouri Dental Board meeting there was agreement between the MDA, the MDHA, and the MDB on language for teledentistry. Thanks to MDA president, Dr. Prabu Raman for making the trek from KC to attend, beside MDA staff Vicki, Katie and Melissa and thanks to Drs. Merle Nunemaker and Nathan Suter for being on hand to present the work of the teledentistry ad hoc. Members continue to tell us there is great value in advocacy efforts —certainly on display this week with our informed, engaged and respected involvement at the Capitol and with various regulatory groups. Thanks to all for their efforts!

Feeding Frenzy Part 2

On Tuesday we journeyed to MOSDOH in Kirksville for our last Food for Thought of the year with the D1s and D2s. The MDA Board New Dentist Representative, Dr. Megan Lenahan, spoke about what she wished she had learned in dental school. Her honesty and humor struck a chord and resulted in tons of questions. Once again, Jimmy John’s provided the nourishment, and MDA and MDIS provided the coveted prizes. Then Wednesday night, we were back at it again with the ATSU Vendor Fair, where Benny Fitz was spotted! It was a great way to wrap up the school year. Plus, the school had just finished their CODA review and had zero recommendations. We will celebrate the first ever MOSDOH graduating class at a reception next week in St. Louis. Congrats!

Breaking News on Membership

Stacey Kloeppel, MDA Membership Manager, is in Chicago at the ADA Membership Conference. She just sent word and pics that Missouri won an award for “Most Improved Active Member Retention rate.” This is awesome news, as membership is vital to current and future success. Stacey leads a great effort both at the office and in working with our components around the state to communicate the value of membership. Many efforts have been made to make membership easier to access and more valuable than ever. Thanks too, to you—the MEMBERS—for your continued participation in The Power of Three. This is a team win for everyone in the MDA and in our component societies. Celebrate!

At the Office

It’s time to get moving! Denise and Jerri have been working to create a 6-month wellness campaign for everyone in the office. We have goals and prizes and most important, mutual accountability. Our new Fitbits are ready to go for the May 1 launch. We’re getting some motivation, too, from our fearless leader—Vicki—who is breaking new fitness horizons herself. She’s recently commenced her training to become a certified Les Mills’ class instructor at our nearby hospital healthplex. Her debut launch is tomorrow for a BodyFlow class, which is full with people on standby to attend! How cool is that? May all this inspire your own dental team to get moving.

On the Road

Yesterday in Joplin was momentous for MOMOM planning. We are just 7 weeks away, and the details are multiplying—but not nearly as fast as the enthusiasm and anticipation. It’s going to be a great event. Of our many stops around town, one was to visit the Binky Guy where some 1,500 coveted MOMOM volunteer shirts will be printed. I was glad to have Elisha with me on the trip, as she is an MSSU alum and knows her way around campus, and of course, is in charge of all the graphics, including shirts! Sometimes MDA work extends to the weekend, as it does with a Restorative II EFDA course at Bromley & Broyles Dentistry in Lees Summit. Thanks to our members who offer their offices as a host site and to our trainers—Drs. Kelly Suchman, Paul McGraw and Oz Hormozdi—for their contributions.

Next Week

The premiere event will be the MDA Board meeting on the road at ATSU’s clinic in St. Louis. Board members will meet and congratulate the first-ever graduating class at a Thursday night reception, then tour the school and have a very full board meeting on Friday.

Quote of the Week  

Life requires movement.” – Aristotle

There was plenty of that this week! And now it’s time to keep stepping it up. Onward!


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