The Week That Was: April 10-14

Rounding Up the Graduates!

Tuesday was National Signing Day at UMKC and the MDA was there to help the class of 2017 upgrade from student membership to active membership. Stacey, Jerri and I set up a booth in the hallway and made it easy for the blue-scrubbed seniors to stop by and fill out the paperwork for FREE membership. Each one got a $5 Starbucks gift card and a chance to play Plinko to see which of four raffle prizes they were eligible for including a $50 gift card, $100 gift card, a tooth-shaped candy jar filled with sweets and a fun cooler packed with goodies. But wait, there’s more! Jerri made sure the Missouri-stationed doctors knew they could get a $50 malpractice policy for the first year through MDIS and Medical Protective. Talk about all the benefits at once! We were quote busy for three hours and have more than 67 confirmed applications. This is a critical first step. Personally, I enjoyed seeing some relieved faces and saying congrats to our next wave of dentists.

Feeding Frenzy

Our visit to UMKC also featured our last Food for Thought of the year. Husband and wife team, Drs. Matt and Robin Hildebrand, spoke about their six-year journey of marriage, buying a practice, building a practice and getting ready for expansion. Plus having  a family and sharing all the leadership roles. It was very stimulating and they fielded a bunch of questions from a packed house. Jimmy John’s provided the nourishment and MDA and MDIS provided the coveted prizes. It was a great way to wrap up the school year.

Dentistry, Golf and Movies – 3 of my favorite things

I love to read about the outside-the-office pursuits of ADA members. This particular story of the filmmaking dentist caught my eye because the movie is about golf and because it opens this weekend. Check out the details here.

At the Office

It was short week for me as I was out of the office most days, and the MDA office will be closed for Good Friday. Margie did lead us in a brief but fun and educational team building game. Somebody had to be the bad example. Any guesses who that might be?

On the Road

It was all about KC, again.

Next Week

It will be crazy, with a trip to Kirksville and Joplin. Stacey leaves for the ADA Membership Conference in Chicago and there’s a Missouri Dental Board meeting on Friday. Plus the Legislative Session screams toward the end in usual fashion.

Thought of the Week

As many of you celebrate Easter weekend, think how filling an empty tomb can make life.


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