The Week That Was: April 3-7

All Roads Lead to Kansas City

Or, at least it seems that way. Vicki and Katie attended the fancy Pouring of the Heart Gala last night as a kickoff to the Midwest Dental Conference this weekend, and judging by some shared photos, people had a good time. At least one table featuring Katie Reichard, Melinda & Dr. Doug Wyckoff, Vicki & Darrell (Tooter) Wilbers, Drs. Lynne Barbour & Stewart Dexter and Drs. Shannon Sellens & John Goodman had a good group pic. Congratulations also are in store for Dr. John Killip who was presented with the Dr. John Haynes ‘Leadership Through Service’ Award. And evidently drinks were strong enough to induce Dr. Kurt Hanneman (this year’s Gala chair) and Dr. Barbour into some ‘heads-or-tails’ shenanigans on stage.

On the more strenuous work front, Stacey (MDA) and Jerri (MDIS) are working the booth all day today engaging our members and advancing the profession. This includes a chance to play Plinko and win prizes. I hope it’s a successful event for all, and I tip my hat to all the fine UMKC SOD grads. Enjoy the reunions!

Stress? Deal With It! Here’s How.

I like to moan about the office because MOMOM is in 9 weeks, my son gets married in 6 weeks, and I’m remodeling my house. Poor Paul is a little stressed at times. Thankfully, I can find wonderful resources just for MDA members at our new Wheel into Wellness site. This month’s feature is stress. Read the article, take the poll, give us your feedback in the community. Let’s all share in developing wellness.

Practice What I Preach

We all know dental disease is preventable with good and regular care from a professional like you. We at the MDA advocate and educate and promote, at every turn, on behalf of our members and for the benefit of the public. But do we do as we say? I think so! And this week it was my turn to demonstrate that. I went to see my dentist, Dr Matt Gassen. RDH Melissa Pudek cleaned my teeth well, and then I got the double whammy from both of them about my too strenuous brushing habits and how it hurts my gum health. So I obediently went out and bought a Sonicare brush, and I’m trying to change my ways. Where do I pick up my medal?

Helping All Members Succeed

That’s the mission of the MDA. Here are some brand new resources to help you do just that from our ADA friends up north.

At the Office 

This week Denise celebrated a birthday (it was her 40th, shhhh). The rest of us celebrated the joy of working.

On the Road

It was all about KC as stated above.

Next Week

It’s National Signing Day, and I will join Stacey and Jerri at UMKC SOD to share prizes and engage the graduating students into upgrading their membership for the next phase of life. Plus maybe some other surprises. The MDA office will be closed on Good Friday.

Quote of the Week

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
– William James


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