The Week the Was: March 27-31

Hey New Dentist, come on down, you’re the next contestant on the Price is Right

Game shows and dentists. It’s a weird, but successful, combination. Last night I was privileged to sit in on the GSLDS New Dentist Committee social event, “The Price is Right”. All you do is find a fun bar in Kirkwood, invite a bunch of New Dentists, have the support of a great sponsor like Henry Schein, serve some delicious food and beverage, and pull off a crazy dental version of one of America’s classic game show. Kudos to all on a fine event. Dr. Megan Lenahan and Dr. Emily Hahn were the emcees. Erin Holbrook from Henry Schein provided many of the prizes and delivered spot-on product descriptions. The GSLDS staff kept things on theme, on time and in order. And the happy New Dentists played the wacky games. Congrats to the winners, but we all win on events like this. Organized dentistry rocks!

Dining with Delta Dental

While in St. Louis, I had the joy of meeting Stacy Harris from Delta Dental for lunch. She’s the new person overseeing their charitable giving. It was great to get to know her and try to thank her and Delta for all they’ve done to make MOMOM successful. As we left lunch, I talked her into a selfie just so the blog readers could follow along. MOMOM and Delta were made for each other, and I enjoy working with all their staff each year. Welcome, Stacy!


Suite Life Winner Claims Prize Days Before Opening Day

On my travels I had time to pop into Dr. Jaqueline Demko’s Chesterfield office and present her with the winning prize from the Living the Suite Life winter raffle that benefited the MDA foundations. She made time during her busy day to pose for this photo. She’s a proud Cardinal fan and a Indiana Hoosier by education. Congrats, Dr. Demko and thank you for supporting the work of the MDA foundations. Enjoy your “Suite” prize and Let’s Go Redbirds!


At the Office

Today Mandy and Melissa hosted an EFDA Trainer’s training. It was a good turnout and good discussion, with 16 doctor trainers and dental assistant educators sharing information and ideas for making Restorative II and Orthodontic courses the best they can be for Missouri dental assistants, the doctors they work with and the patients they care for.


Additionally “Puppy Watch 2017” is now over  as Stacey Kloeppel’s terrier, Tilly, had 5 puppies yesterday. Word has it that the mother, the pups and attentive grandmother, Stacey, all are doing well. Congrats on the litter!


On the Road

My travel is reported in the lead stories, but Vicki and Katie were in Washington D.C. for the ADA Dentist and Student Lobby Day. Several members and dental students from UMKC and ATSU also attended and even got involved in a dance party and (tailgate party, seen below). Read more here and watch a video here.


Next Week

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the beginning of something new and fun (No Fooling!). We launch our Wheel into Wellness campaign. This 7-month effort is designed to provide members with meaningful resources on wellness topics while creating a fun and helpful dialogue through engagement. You can even win prizes! April’s topic is Stress (just in time for tax season). Check it out and join us at Additionally, Vicki and Katie will be attending the UMKC Alumni Conference and the Pouring of the Heart Gala.


Quote of the Week

If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table not a taller fence.
– Church Sign


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