The Week That Was: March 20-24

Boxes, Blurs, and Blogs

This was one of those weeks that was a blur. I was on deadline to move all the MOMOM inventory onto new shelves. On Monday Josh Habel and Felicia Prier from Patterson Dental volunteered their time to dig through all the MOMOM clinic floor supplies and count what we have and make plans for what we need. This is a huge service to MOMOM. On Tuesday news shelves were installed; on Wednesday everything had to be moved to the shelves. It was quite a blur, but the helpful MDA team got me through it.


MDA Foundation Meeting

Today was the spring meeting of the MDA Foundation Board. I really enjoy working with these engaged volunteers to conduct the work of the Foundation. Today we selected three dental students to each be awarded a $5,000 scholarship. Once the winners are informed, we’ll post more information. Much more got discussed as well and we even found time for a rare team photo.



At the Office 

We had a nice (and rare) staff lunch out on Tuesday and enjoyed a little chance to relate outside of job duties. This keeps us fresh (and fed)!

On the Road

Vicki and Katie attended the visitation for Patti Rapini, wife of MDA President-elect and GSLDS member, Dr. Vince Rapini. Many others from the profession came to pay their respect and offer their condolences.

Next Week

Tomorrow (Saturday) Mandy Lewis from our office will help facilitate the annual MERIT meeting here at the MDA headquarters. Vicki and Katie leave Sunday for the Washington Leadership Conference put on by the ADA. And I travel to St. Louis on Thursday for several activities that will appear in next week’s blog.

Quote of the Week

It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela


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