The Week That Was: March 13-17

The Return of Food for Thought with dental students

After being on hiatus since November, Stacey and Jerri and I shook off the dust and launched the first Food for Thought of 2017. We had a big crowd of UMKC students gobbling down Chick-fil-A yumminess while listening to father/daughter combination, Drs. Rolfe McCoy and Emily Mattingly share about the benefits of using EFDA-trained assistants in their practice. There were many questions from curious students. It was also a ringing endorsement for the value of MDA since we developed the official EFDA curriculum. Mandy and Melissa in our office do an amazing job keeping the EFDA program fresh and delivered. Thank you Drs. McCoy and Mattingly for your time!

A new wrinkle in our outreach to students is a t-shirt we had made featuring the dashing Mr. Benny Fitz (get it, ben-e-fits?). I’m modeling the shirt as  I speak to the students. We give these away during game time, and then we ask students to tweet a photo of them out and about in their Benny Fitz shirts using the hashtag #mdamdis4dds. Every tweet is an entry into a drawing for gift cards. Should be a fun campaign!


MOMOM 6 to have e-LAB-orate set up

Some of the happiest MOMOM patients are the ones who leave with partial flippers that improve their smile. This magical work is the result of some unsung lab heroes working in makeshift conditions at a harried pace. Paul Phillips and our fine friends at Edmonds Dental Labs have been helping lead that team of heroes at every MOMOM. This year they get an upgrade! The hygiene program at MSSU has a nice built-in lab just across the street from where the clinic will take place. Our hope is that reliable equipment in a positive work space will allow even more MOMOM patients this year to flash their improved smiles.  The rest of our volunteers will also have a good working environment. Keep that in mind as you consider serving a shift at the 2017 MOMOM in Joplin. Registration is open!


At the Office 

It didn’t feel like I was in the office long enough to share anything exciting this week. I have no doubt more work got cranked out.

On the Road

Besides the Kansas City trip for FFT, I was in Joplin all day Thursday. We had a good MOMOM site visit and made sure the ADCF team of Zach and Aaron were on the same page with the great MSSU facility team. I don’t like surprises when it comes to water and power needs at MOMOM. Thankfully it is all coming together very well. That evening the local team went over registration reports, promotional ideas, hospitality plans, etc. It’s very fun working with all of them. Due to my schedule, I was unable to join Stacey Kloeppel and Vicki Wilbers and the fine members of the Central Dental Society for their annual OSHA course and officer installation meeting today.

Next Week

My skills will be tested when Josh Habel and Felicia from Patterson come to the MDA to inventory our MOMOM supplies. It’s tedious work, but they do it with such a good spirit. Each year we get a little better knowing how much of each item to order and have in stock for our volunteers. And each year, there are wild reports of volunteers hoarding supplies at MOMOM. Surely this doesn’t happen? This must be a rumor! Also we will be hosting the MDA Foundation Board for their spring meeting.

Quote of the Week  – Take your pick

Eat, Drink and Be Irish” – said partygoers everywhere
I have the perfect NCAA bracket after Day 1” – said no one anywhere


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