The Week That Was: March 6-10

You Never Know What Might Happen at MOMOM

I was thrilled to read this story about a Wisconsin dentist who had a chance encounter with a dental student at the 2012 Mission of Mercy clinic. Turns out that 5 years later the now graduate student is filling an associate position in the dentist’s  practice. Shared interests can foster over time and lead to some exciting results. Keep that in mind as you consider serving a shift at the 2017 MOMOM in Joplin. Registration is now open and in one week, we have more than 180 volunteers registered. Come join the fun!

A Sad Loss for Missouri and Give Kids A Smile

JoanAllenWe lost a gem this week when Joan Allen, Executive Director of Give Kids a Smile in St. Louis, passed away Monday, March 6, after a long battle with cancer. I still remember when I had just joined the MDA in 2011, and one of the first events I went to was the GKAS golf tournament . Joan welcomed me warmly. I could sense her passion for her work. Judging by the high turnout of dentists and vendors at GKAS events, others did too. More was written in this week’s eNews from the MDA, but I wanted to pay tribute and send condolences to Joan’s family. Thousands of children have been impacted by the legacy of GKAS and her tireless work. The whole dental family will miss her.

The Nurses Are Coming

When the MDA built its new office almost 15 years ago, they wisely built it with extra space for growth and flexibility. The latest rendition of that is happening now as contractors “adjust” the lower floor layout to accommodate the needs of our new tenants, the Missouri Nurses Association. I counted 5 new doors, 1 new wall and 1 door filled in to be a wall. Beside good revenue, the MDA will enjoy having another healthcare association sharing space with us.

At the Office 

We had a staff meeting full of reports on all manner of projects. The RFP for the Dental Well Being Program was successfully completed. Board materials went out to the MDA Foundation team and the New Dentist Committee had a conference call to nail down details related to the Connect4Success Conference. Brochures for this event will  mail next week but online registration is now open!

On the Road

Mandy is in St. Louis today for an EFDA Removable Pros course with Dr. Shea and Dr. Roseman. Vicki and Katie are across town at the annual Missouri Coalition for Oral Health conference.

Next Week

The next edition of the Focus will be sent to the printers. I will join Stacey and Jerri from MDIS next Tuesday for our first spring Food for Thought at UMKC. Father and daughter combo, Dr. Rolfe McCoy and Dr. Emily Mattingly will be the speakers. Then I’m off again to Joplin for a MOMOM site visit and local leadership meeting. On a more relaxed note, March Madness will begin with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Everyone prepare your office pool, and don’t be surprised at high absenteeism next Thursday!

Quote of the Week  – Reflecting on Loyalty

A soothsayer bids you beware the Ides of March.
– Brutus to Julius Caesar (We all know how that turned out. No more Hail Caesar!)


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