The Week That Was: Feb 20-24

First-Ever Wellness Survey

I’m so thrilled to announce that yesterday the Dental Well Being Foundation launched our first-ever member survey on wellness, the link shared in the eNews Update sent Thursday. Hopefully we hit a nerve, as already 54 members have responded. Thank you very much! The survey will be available to members through March 10. The data gathered will help us offer better resources to you! Watch for the DWBF to roll out a new campaign in April titled “Wheel into Wellness”.

Doing the Storage Shuffle

Sometimes good news means a little extra work. In this case the good news is that the MDA will have a new tenant (Missouri Nurses Association) in the basement starting April 1. This will require relocating all our MOMOM supplies, and that’s where the extra work came in. Most of the MDA team pitched in and got everything you see pictured below moved to a temporary spot. Next month we will get to move it again to a new custom shelving unit that’s being installed in the basement.


Don’t Let the Suite Life Pass You By

I spoke about this last week and since the raffle ends next Tuesday, this will be the last time I nudge you to consider participating. You can win an all-exclusive suite at a 2017 St. Louis Cardinal game! Get in on the Living the Suite Life raffle. If you or someone you know loves baseball or the Cardinals or the MDA Foundations, this is the place to show it.

At the Office

Nothing extraordinary, but when the Internet went down for most of Wednesday, Stacey got a cleaning bug and now all the closets are up to speed! As usual, Katie spent a lot of time at the Capitol monitoring hearings of interest to members like the one below where Dr. David Dear, Central Dental Society trustee, invested his time to testify against the Hygiene Extended Access bill.


On the Road

I’m racing to leave for Joplin to meet with the MOMOM team and start to test the volunteer registration site which should be open to all by the end of next week. Expect me to crow about it in this same space.

Next Week

Mandy and Melissa head to Springfield to video some EFDA training segments. Many of the team will be involved in a few discussions about using webinars to better serve our members with CE while providing good connection for our very helpful sponsors and endorsed companies. We also will announce the winner of the Living the Suite Life raffle and hopefully open MOMOM 2017 online volunteer registration.

Quote for the Week

“It keeps me out of trouble.” Oklahoman dentist, Dr. Raj Patel

Dr. Parel was one of 33 participants in the 2017 World Marathon Challenge, in which the participants ran 26.2 miles each day for one week on each of the seven continents. Certainly there are easier ways to stay out of trouble? Read the full story here.


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