The Week that Was: February 13-17

Don’t Let the Suite Life Pass You By
As Foundation Director, it’s hard not to pimp my causes, so here we go. You have less than 10 days to get in on the Living the Suite Life raffle. We have 192 total entries so far, and we are 65% toward our goal of $5,000 raised. If you or someone you know loves baseball or the Cardinals or the MDA Foundations, this is the place to show it. You can win an all-inclusive suite at a 2017 game and do a little pimping out of your own! Here’s some inspiration.

At the Office
Katie was over at the Capitol a bunch so be sure to check out your Capitol Connection for all the latest on legislative action.

On the Road
Stacey and Jerri Wildhaber from MDIS traveled to St. Louis to support the ATSU Vendor Fair which evidently included sightings of Fredbird and Dr. Urbanek. The next day Dan from Medical Protective talked to the D3 and D4 students at a lunch and learn. The new fad is the awesome “Benny Fitz” (benefits, get it?) t-shirts that we are giving away to students. Look for them to tweet photos of Benny out on the town for a chance to win prizes. Connecting with students is important to our lifeblood. Thank you Stacey and Jerri.
Outside the country, we can only assume that the MDA Travel and Learn was going well. Judging by the photos, Vicki was in the company of some happy travelers! With temperatures in the mid 70s, I don’t know why they couldn’t have Travel and Learn in Mexico, Mo.!

Friday I was in Kirksville for a Dental Well Being Foundation (DWBF) Presentation. All but two of the 84 D1 and D2 MOSDOH students were in attendance. I was so busy, I failed to snap a photo, but trust me I was there. One of our Well Being Program participants shared a gutsy reality check with a vivid story of losing it all. The silver lining was how the DWBF is helping them to get back on their feet. Rebecca Mowen did an awesome job sharing our wellness vision for members throughout their career. There’s good synergy with the school, and I reminded them that the MDAF Scholarship deadline was two weeks away.

Next Week
The MDA office is closed for President’s Day. There’s plenty more legislative action. Vicki attends a Statewide Community Health Worker Advisory Committee Meeting, and I will be in Joplin on Thursday for the local MOMOM leadership team meeting. Also watch for the MDA eNews to hit your inbox on Wednesday, February 22. You will find a link to the first ever DWBF member survey on wellness. Please take a few minutes to fill it out. The results will help us serve you better. Thanks!

Did You Know?
According to research, we lose roughly nine items per day and we spend 6 months of our life looking for lost items. My mind is the one I misplace the most! In 2011, $30M was spent on lost cell phones. All this and more is found in this decidedly un-dental related article that I liked because I admire good writing.

Funny for the Week (in honor of Legislative Session)


“I regret that my poor choice of words caused some people to understand what I was saying.”    9/3/12 New Yorker Magazine


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