The Week That Was: January 2-6

The Week That Was at the MDA

Editor’s Note: As the author of this blog, I apologize for my recent weak performance. For 2017, my new goal is to post a summary of miscellaneous activities from the week at the end of every week. It will be my ‘inside scoop on the news’ with a social twist. Start to follow along and send me your feedback. Thanks to my loyal readers (if there are any)!
Paul Roberts


The big ball dropped in Times Square, and for the most part, the football bowl and holiday palooza season came to an end as we all toddled back to work. Here’s to a very prosperous and fulfilling 2017. Earlier today, MDA members received my preview of the year ahead for both our Foundations as well as a separate email celebrating 2016 successes. Rummage through your inbox and read these with proud reflection and strong optimism.


We fired up the engines with full staff power and had a wide-ranging staff meeting to get our marching orders for upcoming events. Then we did the assembly line drill and put together 432 hand-size zip kits for legislators. Each contains a promotion card about MDA Legislative Day on January 25 and a business card from MDA Legislative Director, Katie Reichard. And we sweeten the pot by adding a brush, paste and floss in each kit. They will be distributed to every office in a few weeks. We know from previous experience and comments that the legislative offices love these, thus making a good impression for the MDA at the start of the session!


Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers, traveled to Joplin for a meeting detailing UMKC SOD’s plan to start a satellite campus at Missouri Southern State University. I have not been debriefed, but watch your other MDA news outlets for updates.

I just returned from Kansas City today where Rebecca Mowen, Well Being Program Administrator, and I had the opportunity to address about 85 GKCDS members and staff at their CE event. We made a big plug for our winter fundraiser, Living the Suite Life, and told them more about the program. Rebecca taught us all the 4-7-8 breathing exercise to reduce stress. Thanks to Sam and all at GKCDS for including us.

Both Rebecca Mowen and Dr. Rob Tait, DWBF board member, speaking to the GKCDS crowd.


The MDA and MDIS Board meet next Thursday, January 12. Then we kick off the last Winter Session in Columbia on January 13-14. In 2018 we will move this event to the summer alongside the new dentist Connect 4 Success conference at the Lake of The Ozarks. I’m juiced to see members and to attend Rebecca and Dr Kane’s presentation on “When Addiction Hits Home”. Then it’s off to see my 88-year-old Pop in Georgia.


Are you listening to seek to understand or to think of what to say next?



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