Holiday Business Meetings > Normal Component Meetings

Traveling to component meetings is one of my favorite assignments. It allows me first-hand interaction with members, and I enjoy watching the camaraderie between colleagues. However, I can tell you not every meeting is the same. There’s a big difference between a “hurry up, we have ground to cover, and I have patients waiting” mid-October meeting and a “open bar, country club, nice to see you again” holiday meeting. I prefer the latter and that’s exactly what I got last weekend at the Greater Kansas City Dental Society Holiday Party and Officer Installation meeting.

This was my fourth time in six Decembers with the MDA that I’ve been fortunate enough to be included. Everyone’s in a good mood and looking sharp; Sam does a fantastic job putting it together; and, it’s the perfect kick off to the holiday season.

This year was special because it included people who had served on the local MOMOM leadership committee. It was fun to relive that successful clinic. And it was fun to see the new officers installed and celebrate other milestones. My grainy pics tell a little bit more. Thanks GKCDS for being so welcoming!


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