Special Smiles Local Style

While the MDA officially hosts Special Smiles dental screenings at various Special Olympics state games, the whole Healthy Athletes program had never been tried at SOMO Area Games until this past month. MDA members Dr. Ashley Popejoy (Springfield) and Dr. Emily Hahn (St. Louis) chose to participate in the Special Olympics training program to qualify as dental leads for events like these. This was their first go at leading solo. The MDA just provided supplies and cheerleading from a distance. The results were positive!

Dr. Popejoy and her team of nine volunteers screened more than 30 athletes in Columbia on April 16. Two weeks later, Dr. Hahn recruited 19 total volunteers who screened 85 athletes in St. Louis. Both reported enthusiastic responses from athletes and volunteers alike. Dr. Hahn submitted the photo below showing most of their volunteer crew.

Thanks to all for their generous spirit to serve others on a weekend. Dr. Popejoy will be the dental lead for the next event. The MDA will assist her at the SOMO Summer Games on Saturday, May 21 in Springfield. If you wish to help, you can register to volunteer here.



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