What does hockey have to do with MOMOM?

Skates and pucks and goalies are not usually found at a MOMOM clinic so how do they fit into this year’s story? The answer is as cool as an ice arena. This year MOMOM will be held at the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence. The arena happens to be home ice for the Missouri Mavericks, a professional hockey team in the Central Hockey League with a good local following. As a fundraiser opportunity the games feature a crowd game called “Chuck-A- Puck”. Attendees buy a foam puck from volunteer vendors. Then at the second intermission, they toss or “chuck” their pucks toward a designated target in the arena. Whoever hits the target wins a prize. Good entertainment if you ask me!

Thanks to our trusty volunteer crew who worked the game last Saturday night, we had great exposure for MOMOM and raised more than $400. Don’t you just love community? Plus the mighty Mavs beat the Allen Americans 5-2 in a playoff game. Victory for all!

Meanwhile, come August the ice will be removed and the arena and will transform into a two day free dental clinic. Volunteers can now register at www.momom.org.

Back row, from left: Dr. David Suchman, Mrs. Carol and Dr. Scott Roberson, Dr. Merle Nunemaker, GKCDS ED Sam Silvey, and Dr. Kirk Opdahl join a posse of youngsters at the hockey game to sell Chuck-A-Puck tickets to benefit MOMOM.

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