Kansas City Member Outreach in Full Bloom

Yesterday was one of those early Spring days with blues skies and warming temperatures that brings out the blooms. It also was a blooming day with our members in Kansas City. Here’s a brief recap of the action from my travel.

We started with a our student members at the UMKC SOD where the MDA hosted our popular Food for Thought series that is a sponsored by MDIS. While the students chowed on Jimmy Johns, our speaker, Dr. Will Duensing, shared about his journey from deciding at age 22 to go to dental school to post graduate work in the Navy to coming full circle and working with his father, Dr. Bill Duensing, at Duensing Family Dental in North Kansas City. Dr. Will was very engaging and authentic while fielding a wide variety of questions about his family life, approach to the profession and organized dentistry. He commented that he met the best and most respected dentists in Kansas City all through being involved at the local level. Good stuff!

I spent the afternoon with GKCDS executive director, Sam Silvey, calling on new members. She had a flower, some baked goodies, and an information packet for each one. It was great to see their smiles and appreciation for the personal attention shown them. Each office setting was different, but reflective of their patient base. It also was cool to tag along and represent the state level of tripartite membership. In today’s harried world, it’s nice to put names with faces and let members know that membership matters and has real value. I wish we could stop by every practice and greet our members. You will see Sam pictured with Dr. Michelle Perez and Dr. Amanda Whiting. Then with pediatric dentist, Dr. Emily Drake and finally with periodontist, Dr. Seth Rush. Welcome to the Tripartite family!

The final act of the day was the evening leadership meeting for MOMOM. It’s great to see these members giving beyond office hours to prepare the way for volunteers and patients. Much progress has been made with fundraising and internal preparations. The team has embraced the challenge and it’s fun to do meaningful work together.

A final note, follow @MODentalAssn and @MDIS4DDS on Twitter to keep up with us in a real time at these events. Let’s bloom together!

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