The “Tripartite Show” opens to rave reviews

Broadway debuts are risky business. All that time and energy spent rehearsing can fall flat and leave you embarrassed when the curtain rises for a real audience. Last night was the equivalent of a Broadway show opening for a team of association staff. The Tripartite Show debuted before 47 new dentists gathered at Schlafly Bottleworks as part of a special outreach of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society made largely possible with funding from ADA’s Membership Program for Growth. The theme of the gathering was to tout the bonanza of benefits offered through tripartite membership. To pull it all off was truly a team effort – and a lot of fun.

After cocktails and a chance to visit with colleagues and make new acquaintances, the studio audience took a seat and welcomed the show’s host, yours truly, Mr. Paul “Power of 3” Roberts. He simply navigated the audience through all the special guests and activities which included a Publisher House Sweepstakes commercial where Dr. Megan Lenahan hit the mother lode of benefits in spectacularly funny fashion. MDA member benefit diva, Stacey Kloeppel, stopped by in haute couture to dispense a bagful of benefits offered at the state level. She was a whirling dervish of visual aids and tossed freebies. Then a tried and true partner, MDIS, sponsored a brief commercial where Jerri, the Queen of Everything, frolicked through the audience telling people to call her with all their insurance needs.

The zaniness hit a new level when the local ND committee led a feisty round of “name that benefit” a la Catchphrase. These loyal and local leaders did an excellent job, and the engaged audience fought fiercely for the chance to win one more raffle ticket. Don’t be deceived that the benefits stop at the local and state level. The final guest was fresh from ADA HQ in Chicago. Jeanine Pekkarinen took us to the benefit lab and unveiled some powerful tools that are a fingertip away for members. Plus Jeanine surprised us with a special message from ADA President, Dr. Carol Summerhays. So there … who came to your last event?

And as if all the acting and activity were not enough to entertain beveraged attendees and convince them of the absolute slam-dunk advantages of membership, we still concluded with a treasure trove of raffle items ranging from a Coach handbag to dental office equipment to movie passes. I know, right? The whole night was uber awesome for members, and I suspect just a tad bit tempting to the 15% attending who weren’t members … yet!

It was a great night and reflected how the Power of Three works. Kudos to all the GSLDS staff and ND committee for their planning and execution. Major thanks to the ADA for their financial assistance and commitment of contributing the time and talents of Jeanine Pekkarinen. And a big shout out to my partners in crime: Stacey and Jerri for playing along.

Remember to count your valuable extras. Membership matters!

Until the next curtain goes up …

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