The Warmth of Words

You know that good feeling you get when the sun warms your face? You can extend a similar feeling to your employees and colleagues by simply taking a moment to verbalize your appreciation.

It’s a big planet with 7B+ people. And it’s a busy world with endless deadlines. It’s easy to fall into the rat race syndrome and get a case of poor me … 85% of workers report being overworked and underappreciated. “Hello! Does anybody see me working my tail off?” you might desire to shout out loud.

It’s just as easy as a supervisor, manager or even as a co-worker to take an extra second and actually express your appreciation for someone’s talent and effort and contribution. No one lives in a vacuum. Success is always interdependent. So why not celebrate it and keep it going. A little notice and appreciation can go a long way toward renewing someone else’s energy and motivation. Like the sunshine, simple recognition warms our face with a smile.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day. That’s a good reason to take action, but don’t limit your appreciation to one day a year. Strive to understand the people on your office team and take some time to recognize and reward the role they play. Kindness is the secret sauce to happy working relationships. Saying thank you waters the soul of the recipient. Give it a try and watch what happens.



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