Science Class is Now in Session

While science has never been my academic strong suit, I am grateful for those who study it and bring forth helpful findings for all of us to enjoy. After skimming over a few studies recently, I noticed these take away points for your health, and I’m gladly passing them on. Let us applaud science and take heed!

  • A British study shows that chewing sugar free  gum can kill up to 100 million bacteria in just 10 minutes while neutralizing harmful acids. Wow! That’s bacteria that can cause decay or infection. Plus you get the benefit of fresh breath. Do yourself an occasional favor and chew some sugar free gum.
  • Denver dentists and researchers are reminding us that tap water is good to drink. It’s safe and provides an important source for fluoride which prevents decay. Save yourself some time (and save the environment) by eschewing the fancy bottled water for a good old glass of tap water. A similar Canadian study showed a direct 50% increase in tooth decay in children living in areas where fluoridation was removed from the  water supply.
  • A study in Japan found that oral bacteria are involved in several kinds of stroke, including brain hemorrhages and strokes that lead to dementia. Regular brushing and flossing will keep bacteria at bay and allow you greater heart health and mental acuity. And it takes just two minutes twice a day. Show yourself some love and brush!

These and many more science and industry briefs are included in the ADA Morning Huddle, a service to quickly disseminate news items of interest to ADA members. To subscribe to ADA Morning Huddle (daily) or the new weekend edition, visit your My ADA section under the Member Center dropdown menu on to provide your preferred email address.



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