Walking the Walk

This year I’ve taken up Twitter both personally and for role at the MDA. As a result, I’m following several professional partners like the ADA and Missouri dentists (Follow me or tweet me @Probby1979 or @MoDentalAssn).

Naturally many of the tweets I see encourage good oral health. I tend to “like” or retweet them because while I’m immersed in the field myself, I want others to have the same encouragement and exposure. But it takes more than education and encouragement for good oral health to happen. It takes action. Brush and floss daily and find a dental home and keep regular appointments.

Today, I had to walk that walk myself with my 6 month checkup. I see MDA member dentist, Dr. Matt Gassen. RDH Melissa did an awesome job taking x-rays, asking questions, and cleaning my teeth. Then Dr. Gassen followed up with his own checkup and series of questions. It was painless and I felt cared for. Thankfully my daily work was paying off with no cavities or other major issues. I just need to brush more carefully on my right side (I’m horrible with dexterity issues!).

So in the future, when you see promoting the profession, know that yes, I’m a homer employed by the MDA but I’m also a believer and trying to practice what I promote.


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