Holiday Hilarity

Yesterday the staff from MDIS and MDA enjoyed a holiday lunch together at a nearby buffet restaurant. Besides the good food and a chance to visit with each other on topics outside work, perhaps the best part of the event was the white elephant gift exchange. The rules are simple. You can bring a gift from home or purchase one for up to $10. It can be practical and kind or wacky and wild.

With this group of 17 we had a good mixture of both. Gifts ranged from wine glasses and candles to tragic macramé and turkey shaped salt and pepper shakers.  The real hilarity sets in when personal values are revealed by what gift people “steal” from others. After all was said and done, most were happy were their gift and all were content from a good time together as a team.

I came out smelling like a Christmas cookie when I ended up with a selfie stick. This can only enhance the photos used in this blog.

From all of us at MDA and MDIS, we wish you a

very special holiday!


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