Miserable in Missouri?


I came across an article from earlier in the year that looked at data from more than two million surveys collected by Gallup-Healthways for their 2014 Well Being Index that ranked states based on elements like physical health, financial well-being, and community life. Those seem like reasonable aspirations. How do you think Missouri did? We ranked #41 and that was our third showing in the bottom ten since this index was created in 2008. Ugh!

The article postulates that attributing factors are that Missouri is #23 in poverty rate, 17th in obesity, high in smoking and low in household income. Is it that simple to equate one’s well-being to being thin and smoke free in a high-income household? Surely there is more to it. Alaska was # 1 on the index, but I don’t know too many Missouri people who would endure the cold and isolation and other factors to risk raising their well-being rank.

What can be done right where we live to improve our well-being? While the list of suggestions could be quite long, perhaps the first step is desire. I see the most change in me when I really want to change. This is true regardless of the issue – weight loss, education, marriage relationship, stress management, etc., etc.  Of course, I also need good help and others around me.

This is the vision and approach of the Dental Well Being Foundation. When you need and want to change some aspect of your life or your office staff or your family, we want to be a resource to help you assess your options, find good local resources and get support along the way.

Help us grow by reaching out or sharing your good resources. Well-being for all is the goal. Little by little, we will advance until Missouri is #1 – at least among the dental community.

Contact us today at wellbeing@modental.org.


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